What is Rattan Chairs?

Do you know what rattan chairs? 

Rattan is technically a thin and flexible stem of palm. When woven through frames, it becomes wicker. Essentially, wicker is just the method for leaving which results in the woven patterns we often see on our furniture.

The rattan furniture is one of the leading trends of 2020 for the interior and also exterior decoration. There are many ways to incorporate rattan into home decor, making it the perfect addition to beach house, apartment, more traditional country house, loft and rustic and minimalist house design. The options are endless.

People were used rattan chairs in the past 70’s was limited to the outdoors, but today rattan furniture is taking back the places all over interior and exteriors.

Nordic Style Rattan Chairs for Minimalists

Small Rattan Dining Set: Terrace and Balcony

Rattan Puff : Modern, Vintage, and Classic


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