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Do you remember not so long ago, when the worst insult someone could give you, the worst you could hear was that you were “basic”? As soon as “basic” entered our cultural lexicon, it became a blanket term for any aspect of a woman’s personality that we collectively decide we don’t like. A conduit for casual misogyny, which soon became synonymous with everything from driving a Fiat 500 to liking the Kardashians, wearing leggings, and drinking coffee. Just because you were alive as a woman, you ran the risk of being included in a “starter pack”.

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However, as soon as “basic” became ubiquitous, the negative answer came. People established that the term expiration date had already arrived and its popularity soon fell (more or less). But “basic” has not yet disappeared. It has just risen again under a new concept, and with a new set of stereotypes on its back: we are talking about the “VSCO Girl”.

Unless you spend hours on YouTube or TikTok, you may not be familiar with the concept of the “VSCO Girl”. However, as with all phenomena on the Internet, Urban Dictionary is here with the answers. When describing them as “the Tumblr girls of 2019”, one of the collaborators of the site explains the trend: “Basically, it refers to the most basic girl you can find. Identity signs can be spiral hair bands, metal bottles of water, shell chokers and Birkenstocks. ” “You will surely see them wearing Vans, seashell necklaces, a strapless crop top and, as a finishing touch, a silver thermos,” explains another description. However, the association is not limited to these brands and accessories. If you ever bought a Fjallraven backpack, you drove a Jeep.

The aesthetic is named after the app that inspired it. VSCO is the 2019 answer to FaceTune, or Photoshop, or a way to make sure your Insta photos are properly selected, stretched, and smoothed to the fullest extent. The application has become an adjective, with “VSCO Girls” defined by the way in which social networks are consumed and what we publish on them. 

As niche as it may seem, “VSCO Girls” has recently exploded on TikTok, a branch of the E-Girls and Soft Girls. They compete with their soft grunge to be crowned like queens, according to the aesthetic hierarchy of the platform. Recently a series of videos have appeared, essentially ‘tutorials’, showing the transformation from a girl to a “VSCO Girl”, and considering that the clothes and accessories are already in their own wardrobes, it doesn’t take long for them to transform.

Yet despite the stereotype and its “basic” connotations, “VSCO Girl” videos and skits on TikTok and YouTube seem less accusatory and misogynistic and more fun and ironic. Obviously they are satires (like literally everything on TikTok) but, perhaps because they were created by the girls themselves and not by boys in Urban Dictionary or the starterpacks subreddit, the videos have helped the “VSCO Girl” to take on a new, more empowering meaning. As Priscilla says, the stereotype may have started as a cruel joke, but now it has acquired a life and style of its own. For every post that pokes fun at the “VSCO Girls,” there are five more about how to become one. We are seriously considering following the tutorial ourselves.

Who exactly is the VSCO girl?

VSCO aesthetics proliferate especially in the VSCO photo editing app (pronounced “visco”), known for its hazy beach-inspired filters, although the expression has spread far beyond the application. It has become an abbreviated formula to define a very particular, beachy but sleek aesthetic, very much to the liking of the Z generation, namely: oversize shirts , scrunchies, shell necklaces and Birkenstock . Other must- haves are Fjällräven backpacks , Pura Vida bracelets , Crocs, Vans , Mario Badescu face spray and Burt’s Bees lip balm .As the VSCO girl also respects the environment, in her starter kit you can not miss a Hydro Flask bottle and metal straws.

How has it gone viral on social networks?

According to Know Your Meme , the trend dates back to January 2019, when YouTuber Greer Jones uploaded the Becoming the Ultimate VSCO Girl video . Since then, countless tutorials have appeared on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and Twitter , without missing countless memes and parodies.

Why has the VSCO photo editing app become so popular?

The VSCO photo editing application was launched in 2011 and today it has more than 30 million users worldwide, of which 75 percent belong to the Z generation. The app offers a wide range of retro filters and also It perfectly serves as a social network, so young Z find a more relaxed space in it, free of ads, comments or likes (the latter so recently questioned on Instagram).

What are the phrases that the VSCO girl uses the most?

The VSCO girls say “And I oop”, an expression of shock or surprise that comes from the YouTube video that RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Jasmine Masters shared in 2015 . “Sksksk” is also used a lot, to express that something is funny or strange to you.

What does the VSCO trend remind us of?

The VSCO aesthetic is born from the 90’s nostalgia. So much so that many believe that Princess Diana of Wales is “the original VSCO girl.” She has also been compared to the ‘basic girl’ stereotype that emerged in 2014, although the current label is much more empowering.

What is a VSCO girl water bottle?

One of the most telling indicators of a VSCO girl is her brightly colored Hydro Flask — a vacuum insulated stainless-steel water bottle or travel mugs which she will inevitably be toting and sipping from across social media.

Who started the VSCO girl trend?

The whole idea of a VSCO girl got its start in a way that people who were in college when Facebook was invented (e.g., me) have trouble grasping. VSCO is a photo editing app known for its artier images, Nicki Clark, a 20-year-old student from Butler University explained to me on the phone.


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