Versace Jeans – Presents Fall Winter 2021 Collection

In the midst of Parisian Digital Fashion Week, Versace released its short film for fall / winter 2021-22 this Friday. A digital debut for the Italian house, which has chosen for the occasion to present its collection for men and women outside the Milan calendar, this season expressing a more sober than usual sexy-chic spirit, focused on daywear.

The creator Donatella Versace in the middle of her models – Versace

The parade takes place in a huge wooden structure like a labyrinth, where the models, distributed over all the floors, move each one through the corridor and adjoining space that corresponds to them. It is an allusion to the ancient legend of the Minotaur, locked in his labyrinth, what will the young women do to avoid being eaten?

In any case, the house plays with the imagery of ancient Greece, which has always characterized it. Thus, the Greek motif that adorned the colonnades of the past, which has become the emblem of Versace, runs throughout the wardrobe, as in the friezes of yesteryear, in the form of a monogram. A new theme developed by the brand that, like a code, will allow it to be easily recognizable, especially in the accessories category.

This monogram pattern is everywhere. We find it in jacquard sweaters and other knitted pieces, in fine furs and other garments in the collection, even in the lining of coats and opaque stockings or in the hair of some models, which have been shaved reproducing the famous frieze! But also and especially in accessories such as glamorous long gloves, high boots and countless bags and purses.

The new monogram of the house – Versace

Without deviating from its customs, Versace has summoned a multitude of top models, such as Gigi Hadid , who started the show with a total black look, wearing platform boots with dizzying chunky heels and her short coat reveals, above the skirt, a low-cut corset. Later on, Irina Shayk appeared as a Greek goddess in a black sheer chiffon corset dress.

“Top models are like actresses, capable of bringing clothes to life, as if they were playing a character. During the filming of the last show, I realized how important it was to give them time to make the clothes they wear their own”, Artistic director Donatella Versace underlined in her letter of intent.

The silhouettes are short and fitted, often exposing the belly or shoulders. Rounded shoulder clothing is cinched at the waist, while a black headscarf gives Versace girls a corsair look. Flared or long shorts with sweaters, minidresses, flared skirts, windbreakers and shiny raincoats offered in black or Greek print in total one-color looks, complete the wardrobe.

Gigi Hadid, back on the catwalks after her pregnancy – Versace

Some bold shades brighten up this collection with a dark palette and a rather understated style. Far from the usual spectacular Versace outfits, we find color only in a few ultra-short monochrome, red, yellow, purple or gold outfits.


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