Stylish Small Laundry Room Ideas to Inspire You

Laundry is among the inevitable needs of people. While there are a few tricks to make weekly chores less tedious, the steps to properly wash and dry your clothes, sheets and linens are pretty straightforward. You can read following instructions about small laundry room ideas.

Small Laundry Room Ideas

So if you’re looking for ways to make the laundry day run smoother, your best bet is to take a look at the room itself.

These laundry room ideas are packed with practical storage solutions and organizing tips that help you maximize your space, no matter how small. The decor of this room is extremely important as you spend a lot of time.

Check out these beautiful laundry rooms to see the different ways people can incorporate farmhouse, modern, or vintage style into their spaces without sacrificing functionality. Here you will find smart ways to deal with different room layouts and device types.

Everything from DIY organizers to corral laundry room accessories, laundry detergents, walk-in closets big enough to hold steam, irons and laundry baskets and more.

Add a Free-Standing Shelving System

A free-standing shelving system can hold all of your supplies without getting in your way of doing laundry: Store detergents on the shelves at waist level, handheld appliances down below, and spare hangers and cleaning products up above.

Build a Countertop

Take a cue from Mandi Gubler of Vintage Revivals and fashion a countertop from plywood, giving you ample space to fold your clothes right out of the dryer.

Turn a Closet Into a Laundry Room

No laundry room? No problem. Convert a closet by adding extra shelves and rods, then use the backs of the doors to hang supplies on.

Hang a Pegboard Wall

The laundry room can easily become an unorganized drop spot. Attach a pegboard to a blank wall to corral all of your cleaning supplies and miscellaneous items.


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