Things You Should Know Before Shopping At HomeGoods

When you visit Homegoods, you do not know what you will encounter in general. The product range varies from one store to another. Overall, there is an incredible assortment and surprising product prices. If one day you hit HomeGoods, you will definitely find something to buy.

That’s why HomeGoods customers do their shopping like a “treasure hunt” experience, because high-quality products are constantly changing. For example, you might have gone to buy a pumpkin for a Halloween party, but you might have bought a rustic table set in the garden in autumn.

In this article, we shared Things You Should Know Before Shopping At HomeGoods as what we experienced and talk about product types without going to any HomeGoods store.

Avoid weekends if you can

As with most retailers, Saturday and Sunday are the busiest days. Instead, Marcy Blum (head of event planning company Marcy Blum Associates and HomeGoods stylist) recommends visiting on weekdays mornings. This way, you can get over the weekend crowd and shoppers during lunch breaks or after work and get rid of the crowds.

Find out when and which product will arrive

Find out what kind of products are provided by HomeGoods, which store logistics personnel, and plan to be there within a few hours after product acceptance. Logistics takes place on Wednesday and Saturday mornings at HomeGoods. Store employees try to come around 10:30 when placing products on shelves.

Don’t wait for a purchase

If you see a product you like, collect it now! Because it will not take long for another enthusiast to put the product you intend to buy. HomeGoods generally do not provide large-scale promotions or coupons, their prices are usually 20 to 60 percent cheaper compared to equivalent stores. Therefore, waiting for a discount and getting a lower price is a price policy that is not valid at HomeGoods. If you can’t easily decide what you are looking for, take an overview of the store overview before going into the details.

Refund Guaranteed Policy

HomeGoods recommends the principle of “buy now, think later” to its customers and therefore has a very fantastic return policy. You have 30 days to return products with a purchase receipt, so the absolute return condition is a good option to consider.

Pay attention to the red labels

In other stores, the red label means a discount, while this label means a serious sign on HomeGoods. It is usually found in a single stuck item and may mean there is a stain on that item.


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