Quarantine Haircuts: How to cut your hair at home during quarantine

With these recommendations, you will be able to do this without fail. 

Since March 24 the hairdressers have been closed due to the mandatory national quarantine . This measure, which seeks to contain the spread of the new coronavirus , is beginning to be reflected in our image and Colombians may be tempted to self-groom their hair at home.

Stylist José Duque says, who emphasizes that the ideal is to wait and leave the cutting or dyeing of your hair to an expert. However, if you still want to groom on your own, here are some tips and advice to keep in mind, according to the stylist.

The first thing is to have special stainless steel scissors, specific for haircuts and that are well sharpened. Refrain from using scissors in the kitchen or with which your child does homework as this would be detrimental to her hair creating “hairpin at the ends.”

The second is to always have wet hair when cutting, taking into account that when it is dry, it will be shorter. It is important to untangle the hair before making the cut and comb it, leaving a line in the middle so that the length is balanced.

Use special stainless steel scissors, specific for haircuts and that are well sharpened

One option, when the hair is long and you want a straight cut, is to 
take a bow and use your fingers as a guide to where you want to make the cut of the ends (so it is slightly rounded behind and straight ahead).

Another option, for a less rounded result, is to cut the hair in two, 
place it forward, grasp the ends with a bow, creating the shape of a triangle under the chin, and cut using the fingers as a guide.


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