A Unique Gift – Portable Espresso Machine : Wacaco

If you can’t bring hot water to your favorite destinations, consider bringing a water boiler with you! That way, you can still take advantage of the Portable Espresso Machine : Wacaco to make truly delicious, superior espresso in the beauty of the outdoors.⁠

What it takes to start the day and also for the rest of the day. A super original gift that will allow your peer to always have a good cup of fresh coffee on hand. Because the Wacaco Nanopresso is a portable coffee maker. Light and compact, the size of a traditional thermos, uses Nespresso capsules.

It does not heat the water, but it is not necessary to add boiling water. Hot tap water is sufficient.

The Minipresso is compact (its longest dimension is less than 18 centimeters) and, yes, it prepares real espressos! The Minipresso is perfectly designed for outdoor enthusiasts who want to take their favorite morning drink with them wherever they go.

And it has everything you need: a filtered coffee pot, a pressurized system and a mug – see for yourself! This handy single-cup espresso maker has everything you need on hand and ready to go. Take a look and tell us what you think about the Minipresso.

In short, the Wacaco Minipresso machine has exceeded the expectations of most of its users. It’s amazing for being the best of all manual coffee machines , and it gives you the boost you want in every cup of espresso. Take it, put it in your work backpack, in the glove compartment of the car, or put it where it is most comfortable for you. It won’t take up a lot of space and it won’t cause any mess either.

Characteristics of the Minipresso

It is highly recommended for people who are always around (travelers and busy people) and who do not have time to stop for a cup of espresso. This machine allows you to sit back, relax, and savor your handmade drink like a real barista.

So the next time you plan to get a coffee maker, keep this in mind so you can start making coffees as soon as possible. And enjoy the moment as any coffee fan would.

Compact. Perfect for traveling , this small coffee maker is just the size you need and doesn’t bulge too much. By taking it with you you will realize that it is also very practical . It has a perfect cylindrical shape and smooth edges that make it easy to put it anywhere you have in your luggage.

Delicious espresso cups. Whenever you have a craving for the espresso you like best prepared by your favorite barista, it can be a great option to use this espresso machine instead of going to your usual coffee shop.
Consistent espresso cups. This machine allows you to prepare espresso cups that always have the same delicious taste.

Affordable. It will not put a lot of burden on your pocket compared to other espresso machines available on the market. Plus, you ‘ll save a ton by making your own espresso instead of buying it at coffee shops.
Provides you an espresso in seconds. Get your espresso cups ready after a few pushes.

Pump at your discretion. In fact, you can apply pressure from intermediate to high depending on your preferences, since there is no strict rule about it.
No batteries or electricity are needed. As this is a manual espresso machine, you don’t have to worry about being away from an outlet or running out of batteries.

Easy to clean. As the device is removable, cleaning will be very easy.

Durability when pressing. It is not advisable to press the coffee , as it can damage the machine.

Small portion. It only allows you to make 1-1.5 cups at a time, so to get more you’ll have to repeat the process. However, this machine is quite fast.
Non-removable nozzle. This is the only part that is difficult to clean.

Put the Wacaco Minipresso in the side pocket of your backpack to enjoy the perfect camping companion with caffeine (ten euros, you’ll be the world’s favorite person in the morning)! Although not as light as the AeroPress , its compact and sleek design makes it easy to pack into the backpack at the last minute.

The Minipresso weighs 363 grams, and we think backpackers might want to give up that extra weight (we know that every gram counts). But if you go camping using the car, go ahead, take the Minipresso! Aren’t you tired of lazy hotel coffee? Now you understand me.

A maintenance tip is to clean and dry the Minipresso thoroughly before storing it . Wacaco only recommends cleaning it with hot water, and it is not dishwasher safe , so clean it before it gets clogged.

Indeed… We did not clean it and one day we were greeted by a fibrous mold all over the infusion chamber. But we forgot, so you have no excuse!

How does the Minipresso GR espresso machine work?
Using this espresso machine is very easy. Of course, you should read the instruction manual that comes with it for guidance, especially the first time you use it. This mini machine is perfect for preparing coffee manually, and that without forgetting that it is easy to operate . It can provide you with the cream longed for by any qualified barista. Also, the preparation time is quite fast . It only takes a few seconds, and the result each time is around 1-1.5 cups.

It may not seem like enough. But don’t worry, as you can always repeat the procedure. This machine is so fast that it won’t be a problem for you. Now, be very careful when pressing the coffee into the filter , as this could damage the pump seal. However, you can skip pressing by using the spoon to fill the filter with the ground coffee.

So first of all, use the spoon to add the ground coffee to the filter. Tap lightly and apply a little pressure until the ground coffee reaches the proper level. Then you can add hot water to the tank until the limit is reached. After screwing in the machine, turn it around and pump slowly to increase the pressure. Keep adding pressure until you have extracted the espresso.

This coffee maker is not only easy to use, but it is also easy to clean since all its parts are removable . After disassembling the parts (except the nozzle), rinse them with clean water. Clean the nozzle area by running water through it, but carefully. You can also do a supplemental cleaning using vinegar to make sure you remove all the stuck particles in the nozzle and pump. Then rinse it a few times with water to leave it clean. After this, your Minipresso will be ready for the next cup of espresso.

How to make a cup

When you first open the box it comes in, its compact, cylindrical shape (some may remind you of a submarine!) Makes you wonder how it’s possible to brew a cup of coffee with something like that. Start unscrewing the ends and you can see the mechanism behind this machine.

At one end, you have the infusion chamber, which has a filter container where you will have to put 8 grams of ground coffee. At the other end is the hot water tank. But be careful, because if you overfill it, the hot water will leak!

When you are ready, add the ground coffee to the filter and gently press it with the back of the spoon (it is designed for this, but it does not serve to make a normal pressing). Once you have everything secured, raise the piston and start pumping! But wait, don’t pump too fast! Wacaco recommends pressing once per second.

It doesn’t look like an espresso machine at all, but it certainly makes espressos! The result is somewhat smoother than usual , but for a compact espresso maker for a cup, it’s pretty impressive!

In part, that is due to the semi-automatic piston that extracts with a pressure of 8 bars (at the level of real espresso machines, coffee friends!). You also don’t have to worry about your fingers, since the Minipresso offers little resistance when it comes to extracting and, at the same time, pumping is easy .


If you’re out in nature and need something to give you energy, the Wacaco Minipresso portable espresso machine covers your back! Its sleek, cylindrical body fits in small pockets, and it weighs less than 450 grams (so you can carry more coffee). For being an 8 bar espresso coffee machine with a capacity for 8 grams of ground coffee, it is capable of preparing a more than decent cup that will satisfy your caffeine needs.


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