Party Games For Kids

Party Games For Kids
Party Games For Kids

Party Games for Kids, when we organize our children’s birthday party or a celebration we care more about the snack for all the children than about playing fun games to entertain them during the celebration. It is true that the birthday party is the ideal time to premiere all the new games that the birthday boy receives, but it is convenient to have some ideas of easy games for children and get them to enjoy new activities for them.

The Mummy it’s one of those fun games that you can play when your guests are starting to arrive. One of the children is wrapped in bandages (we can use a roll of toilet paper) and the next guest to arrive home has to guess which child it is. If he is correct, we will dress him up in his place and continue the game until all the children have arrived. If we do not want to spend a lot of paper, we can hide only the face of the mummy, leaving a space for the eyes.

At parties for children from 4 to 8 years old, approximately, we can play dwarfs and giants. The adult has to say “dwarfs” and the children have to squat. When they say “giants,” they will have to stand up. You have to play with the words faster and slower, so that the children move. If they make mistakes, they can be disqualified or helped to learn from the mistakes.

The slipper from behind is one of the always fun games for children’s parties. All the children have to be seated in a circle and one, with the shoe in hand, begins to go around the circle singing the song: «To the shoe from behind, sad after, neither see nor will you see, sad after. Look up, that beans are falling; look down, chickpeas fall. To sleep, to sleep, the Three Wise Men are coming! ».

At the end of the song, those in the circle close their eyes and count to ten. Meanwhile, the wearer must leave the shoe behind one of the seated players without anyone seeing or noticing it. When they reach ten, the seated players look behind them and whoever finds the shoe grabs it and runs after the one wearing it. If he reaches it before going around three times and hits it with the shoe, the caught will keep it again; If he does not reach it, the one who wears the shoe will be the one who keeps it the next turn.

Another of the easy games for children is to draw blind. They sure have a lot of fun. Blindfolded, the children should be seated at the table (better with a paper tablecloth), with a paper and a pencil. The adult will name some objects, and the children will have to draw them. When we remove the bandages, they are sure to have fun comparing the pictures.

Children will surely like to play to find the alien, a variant of the gymkhana of a lifetime. At the beginning of the party, we let the children know that an alien has taken something from the house (we can mention a treasure, the birthday cake or a gift for each of them) and we can show them the “footprints” that it has left somewhere in the house. We are giving them clues and in the end they will be able to find the hidden treasure.

Hunt objects it’s one of those fun games that never fails. We fill a box with objects of different shapes and colors: plastic cups, stoppers, pens, stuffed animals… There must be as many objects as there are minus one birthday guests. We put on music for the children to dance and, when it stops, everyone has to run to the box and take out an object. The child who does not succeed will be eliminated. We take an object out of the box and repeat. So until there are one or two children left and we give them a prize at the end.

On a birthday we can also propose letter games for children or games to learn vocabulary . To play word drawer, we sit all the children on the floor and one of them begins by saying “I have a drawer that has a inside” … ball, for example. The next child has to repeat the phrase, but saying an object that begins with the next letter of the alphabet, without repeating words already said. We propose a maximum time, 30 seconds and, if in that time a word has not been said, the child is disqualified and we continue a few more rounds. The last player wins without failing.

The word drawer has varieties, such as limiting it to fruits (no need to follow alphabetical order, for younger children) or repeating the entire series of words spoken in that round (for older children). It is one of the many word learning games that we can use with children.

At parties for children between 2 and 5 years old, approximately, we can play to learn the numbers up to 10 in English by clapping our hands. To do this, we place the children in a circle. The adult stands in the center and teaches the numbers in English to the children by giving different numbers of palms. For example, say: “One ” , clap and wait for the children to repeat “One” by clapping. Then the adult says: “Two” and claps twice, and so on up to 10. The sequence is repeated several times in order and then randomly. The last player to fail wins.

The easy games for children in English allow the child to learn without realizing it. the English it can be easily acquired at an early age. In our centers, we can tell you how we work with the little ones with Kumon English.

If, in addition to these fun games, you want to liven up your children’s parties with crafts , each child can take home what they have prepared.

Pass the Parcel

Pass The Parcel
Pass The Parcel

Starting with an old classic, this one actually works best in the middle of the party, perhaps when you’re hoping for stationary kids whilst the grown-ups lay the table. The beauty of pass the parcel is it is familiar, easily learned by the smallest party guests, and keeps rapt attention. Make sure every layer has a sweet or treat, and for older kids consider popping in some amusing forfeits too. Don’t forget to keep a track of who’s had a turn.

Duck, Duck, Goose

Duck Duck Gose
Duck Duck Gose

Best if you’ve got a little space, Duck, Duck, Goose can be interpreted to pretty much any theme you’ve got. Imagine Woody, Woody, Buzz for Toy Story fans, or Elsa, Elsa, Anna for a Frozen themed affair, or Marshall, Marshall, Chase for a currently popular Paw Patrol Party. Seat the children in a nicely spaced circle and follow the rules here. This game is popular for children from 2 to 12, so a huge hit.

The Chocolate

GameSuitable for ages 5 and up, this game causes excitement ricocheting off the scale! Children sit around a board with an unwrapped large bar of chocolate. They then take turns rolling a dice until someone rolls 6. As soon as a child rolls 6 then have to don hat, scarf, gloves, and begin cutting and eating the chocolate using a knife and fork. The other children continue rolling the dice, and the moment another child rolls 6 the previous ‘eater’ must stop, and it’s the new child’s turn to dress up and continue.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Pin the Tail on Donkey Game
Pin the Tail on Donkey Game

Another party game that can be adapted to suit your theme is the old classic ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’. You can Pin the Nose on Olaf, Pin the Star on Captain America’s Shield, or Pin the Scar on Harry Potter. Simply make sure you are armed with a blindfold (Dad’s tie works well). Of course, you can always get the classic version of the game if you prefer.

Sleeping Lions

If excitement is getting a little out of control, and there’s more frantic crowd control than fun, then it might be time for a round or two of Sleeping Lions. Watch as your herd of marauding elephants, a.k.a. party guests, transform in to motionless silent cute slumberers. The aim of the game is to remain motionless even with the adult walking around, and perhaps telling jokes. Anyone who itches, wriggles or giggles is out – reward with a sweet. Winner is the one who stays still the longest.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunts capture the imagination of children from preschool age and up. Before children can read, use picture clues. Once they are capable of reading you may find it a good idea to colour code clues so each child gets a chance as ‘reader’. Working as a team, the children can track down the treasure, and be rewarded for their efforts.

Scavenger Hunt

Sticking to the Hunting theme, another popular party game with children of varied ages is a Scavenger Hunt. Whether you’re inside or outside, prepare a pictorial list of things to collect, and let the kids go wild as they race to find everything on their list. Nature hunts can include anything from a blade of grass to a pebble, and indoor hunts might include a sock and a piece of Lego.

Grandmother’s Footsteps

Once more, bring your theme together by changing the name to suit, such as Hulk’s Smash, Dinosaur Stomp, or Fairy Godmother.

Kim’s Game

This has to be one of the oldest party games around, and it’s still going strong. Lay a tray with an eclectic mix of objects from toy figures to random items like sticky tape or a spoon. Cover the tray with a tea towel. Allow the children a minute or two to look at the tray (no touching allowed!) before covering it back up. The children quickly write down everything they can remember from the tray (for younger children use older ones as scribes). The one who remembers the most items is the winner.

Doughnut Challenge

Make sure you’re armed with a packet of wipes for cleaning up sticky faces! Hang ring doughnuts on strings spread out across another string. Children must attempt to eat as much of the doughnut as they can without it falling – the challenge however is that no hands are allowed! They must be behind their backs! Make sure you have spare doughnuts on hands for disappointed children who haven’t yet realised how gravity works!

Musical Statues

Another great game for burning off some excess sugar and excitement is Musical Statues. Get the kids boogying to their favourite party tunes, and when the music stops they must freeze. We find this game works best if you keep everyone ‘in’ but give the best pose-holders a sticker. This stops children wandering off away from the main party happenings. The children with the most stickers at the end get a prize.

Sand Treasure Hunt

There are a number of variables in this game, allowing you to adapt it to suit your party goers. Obviously perfect for pirate parties, it can be enjoyed at all parties, and is a great ice breaker and time filler for the first ten minutes of a party whilst you’re waiting for all the guests to arrive. The version we like best is to bury lots of ‘treasure’ such as wrapped sweets and little toys in a sand tray. Children are then given a flag pick which they can put where they think the treasure is. Once everyone has had a turn it’s time to see which treasure is closest to which flag.

Under Over

Split your party guests in to teams of approximately 4-8 each. Each team lines up with the front child holding a ball or balloon. On ‘go’ the children must pass the ball, alternately, backwards over their heads and between legs until it reaches the last in the line. This child then dashes around to the front to repeat the process. This continues until the original front child is back at the beginning when the whole team sits down. The winning team is the first to sit down.

Egg and Spoon Race

Traditionally thought of for Easter, but suitable all year around, is the highly popular egg and spoon race. For little ones make it easier by giving them a little blob of blu-tac to keep the egg in place, for older ones consider adding in some obstacles!

So, choose your favourite party games from the above popular selection, make a few adaptations for your child’s theme, and away you go. Make sure you have plenty of little sweets and prizes to hand, and you’ll have thrown the best party of the year and be able to capture lots of happy smiles and memories on camera.


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