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New Zealand is the country that exudes insanely calm and positive energy. I can really recommend a longer vacation or even a break to anyone who  wants to escape the stressful European everyday life . This small country, divided into two islands, is perfect for all kinds of  outdoor activities!

In this post we are going to gather and organize all the articles written about our trip to New Zealand . We hope it helps and encourages many travelers to discover this wonderful country! Here is our guide for backpackers, for tourists and for living a year in New Zealand with the Working Holiday Visa!

Travel items

We have divided our trip to New Zealand by islands, so that it appears a little more organized (we are disasters!). In this way we have the articles divided by the NORTH ISLAND and the SOUTH ISLAND . Among them we include a map with the route and the most interesting places, the best and worst, and more useful information.

The first part of the trip through New Zealand took us to explore the North Island in a journey that took us from the most cosmopolitan city in the country, Auckland , to the northernmost point of the country and ending up riding a ferry from Wellington with which we would land on the south island … 5 months and 5,000 km later.

We arrived in New Zealand without much idea of ​​what the next months would bring us, and boy were we surprised! The first contact with the country of the long white cloud was Auckland on the north island (you knew there were two islands, right?)

 We discovered a lot of super cool places, we got closer to the Maori culture and we learned to live on the road, literally! We passed through the tutukaka Coast , we got to know Whangarei and the Bay of Island area , we reached the northernmost tip of New Zealand, Cape Reinga , to return to the most populous city in this country. 

We continue our route through the central and southern areas of the North Island of New Zealand, ending in Wellington. We passed some of New Zealand’s most beautiful sites as one of the world’s busiest geothermal parks: Wai-O-Tapu in Rotorua, the country’s largest lake: Lake Taupo , the world’s geekiest village: Hobbiton , we did Housesitting in Waihi, Waiuku and Coromandel , we went up to Mordor on the Tongariro trek and many other things (special mention for Lorraine and John, who accommodated us in their house in Rotorua).

In total they have been 6 very quiet months but full of experiences, in which we have taken the opportunity to write 3 books and, of course, to cover some 5,000 km and see impressive places in New Zealand.

Next we leave the map of our route, in it you will find links that redirect you to the articles of each place, for more information. Later we include the list with the articles we have written and two links to know the “campsites” where to spend the night with a van .

Finally we put some reference prices so that you can calculate more or less the expenses on a trip to this country and we end by telling that it was for us the best and the worst of this trip around the North Island of New Zealand.

exchange rate $ 1 = € 0.64 (approx)

Milk (2l) = $ 3.59
Nachos (400gr) = $ 2.99
Potatoes (2.5kg) = $ 2.80
Pasta (500gr) = $ 1.05
Lamb, honey and rosemary (4 chops) = 3, $ 35 (offer)
Minced beef (1 kg) = $ 8
Peas (1kg) = $ 2.29
Ham (100gr) = $ 1.19
Noodles (500gr) = $ 1
Coca cola (falsisiiiima) = 0.97 $
White bread (600gr) = 1.48 $
Meat pie (6pc) = 6 $
Coconut milk (400ml) = 1.29 $
Flour (1.5kg) = 1.99 $
Sunflower oil (0.75l) = $ 3
Fish (1.3kg) = $ 8 (offer)
Tomato sauce (400gr) = $ 0.95
Juice (3l) = $ 4
Onion (1kg) = $ 1.90
Garlic (100gr) = 1.99 $
Butifarra (6pc) = $ 3.9
Corn pancakes (690gr) = $ 4
Edam cheese (1kg) = $ 10
Lemon juice (250ml) = $ 1.99

Milk (3l) = 5.30%
cooking oil (500ml) = $ 1.60
beer (15 330ml bottles) = $ 14.89
Sausages (beef) = $ 3.21
Chicken wings (500gr ) = $ 2.80 (offer)
Pizza bases (3) = $ 2.79
Mint ice cream (2l) = $ 3.95
Muesli (650gr) = $ 4.09
Pasta (500gr) = $ 0.95
Corn canned = $ 0.88
Tomato sauce (can) = $ 1.29
Cookies (350gr) = $ 2.49
Toothpaste = $ 1.75


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