Naked Cake For Your Wedding

Surely you recreate in your mind how the decoration will be for your marriage, the place where you will celebrate the banquet, how you will prepare the table for the  candy bar , and especially, you imagine during the reception a very important detail: naked cake! Yes, that element that is within the reach of all eyes and that encourages you to taste it.

If you are a non-traditional bride and you like to incorporate special and unique details in your celebration,   naked cake is your best option. Don’t worry, we are not suggesting that your guests should go to your reception with light clothes to try it on. These cakes are characterized by not having any cover such as buttercream , frosting or fondant.

Don’t panic, we are talking about butter cream, the traditional white cream and the sugar glaze that you can find in a donut. So make yourself comfortable, pay attention and discover what is special about this trend in wedding cakes that continues to sweep this year and may continue in 2018. And if it goes according to your style, you could be encouraged to order a special one for your wedding.

Christina Tosi is the chef, founder and owner of Milk Bar, called “one of the most exciting bakeries in the country” by Bon Appétit magazine. Christina founded the dessert programs at Momofuku restaurant in New York and went on to build a culinary empire of her own from the ground up. She opened Milk Bar’s doors in 2008 and since then, hundreds of people flock to her stores daily to try one of her highly addictive and genius creations, including Cereal Milk ice cream, Compost Cookies and Crack Pie. Christina also started the trend for “naked cakes,” popular for their unfrosted sides.

Here one of recipe belonging to Christina Tosi:

How to prepare a Naked Cake


For 4 people


  • SLICE the raised portion of the biscuits so that they lie flat.
  • PLACE a sponge cake on a cake base and spread the jam. Cover with another sponge cake and spread the rest of the jam.
  • COVER with another sponge cake.
  • SPREAD whipped cream on the surface and walls of the cake, it should not be perfectly covered.
  • REFRIGERATE for 30 minutes. Pour the frosting from the base to the edges so that it falls.
  • DECORATE with the green branches and flowers.

Some history

The idea of ​​making a simple type of cake, where you could see the different layers that make it up and maintain an irresistible flavor, was achieved thanks to a professional American pastry chef named Christina Tosi, who inadvertently put her on the top of bridal cakes. to his magical creation.

This chef began to create birthday cakes in her famous bakery, Milk Bar in Ohio, giving them that touch in which they could contemplate their characteristic and friendly designs without covering them. That was how, little by little, the term as it is known until today was coined: naked cake

What makes it so special?

As we have mentioned, this type of pastels stands out for having no cover, leaving its interior exposed so that both its texture and the colors and other imperfections that make it special and very striking can be appreciated . There are those who make them with more finishes, others prefer to give them that touch of ‘disorder’ that gives them uniqueness and personality. They are very versatile cakes that allow them to be decorated with different natural elements such as floral arrangements for weddings , among which they are most used are: lavender, peonies and roses. And the fruits that give it a touch of elegance and an undoubted rustic chic look .

According to your style

It must be made clear that this is not just any cake. It is important that you take into account the style of your marriage so that you can incorporate it naturally without it ‘squeaking’ with the rest of the vintage wedding decoration . The naked cakes are very good for weddings with a rustic or minimalist style . It is a cake that well decorated enchants and creates an atmosphere of pure romanticism.

And which one to choose?

The choice of the naked cake will depend on your tastes. If you and your partner are not very fond of icings or large amounts of sugar layers, they can ask their provider for tests to identify the most suitable for you and your diners. Also, because it is important to take into account the combination of flavors and colors . There are them for all palates, among the most common we find some with subtle touches of white butter, strawberry jam or dark chocolate. In general, pastel shades enhance it giving it distinction. However, the possibilities are many, it is only a matter of tasting and listening to the experts’ recommendations, without neglecting their preferences.

In short, a cake for unconventional bride and groom, who seek to impress their guests, through peculiar details that are not without beauty. Remember that once you have defined how you want it, you must make the selection of the perfect songs for the moment of cutting the cake. It will be a sweetly fun time for, perhaps, that country marriage .


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