15 Ideas for Modern Lounge Furniture -Relax lounge chair by the pool area

Here are some modern lounge furniture and contemporary spaces that have received an additional charm by large parasols. If you want to give your home a higher character also, so it will probably be a great opportunity. Certainly, you will also attract the attention of customers who are looking forward to enjoy the long water and sun. Look at how the chairs were placed. You can also enjoy the variety of designs and colors, which can be seen here.

It will not be great for relaxing by the pool while the sun sweeps your skin? It’s a great feeling, that will surely help you recover from the tiring day. Just the idea that you can afford this luxury, you motivate them to work harder for it. In fact, you should do a lot less than you might think to have this opportunity. You can buy some simple chairs and place them on the roof terrace with pool or directly into the water. We have some relax longe chair together today for you, to support you.

Kuikawa Lot 1

Modern Lounge Furniture

GM Construction, Inc.

Worry not, these lounge chairs will not be damaged with the water. Lacquer was painted over the legs that seal it from soaking in water and can be reapplied annually to assure that no damage occurs.

Crisp Architects

blue ochre

Crisp Architects

Blue paired with ochre looks really nice that add more beauty to the pool area.

Rural Resort

modern pool

Dean Herald-Rolling Stone Landscapes

Oh how gorgeous is this modern pool! No wonder it garnered a lot of attention everywhere. Using dark gray for the chairs make it appears even more modern.

Pool with Mosaic Wall and Fountain

simple pool design

Bonick Landscaping

A simple pool design with clean lines is slightly raised with limestone coping. It looks even more striking with the fountain from a mosaic wall. Lounge chairs rest on one area with the same cool color as the floor’s tiles.

NeMo (New Modern)

outdoor chaise lounge

Phil Kean Design Group

The outdoor chaise lounge in this modern pool with a tropical touch isn’t just a pretty addition but a comfy piece of furniture too.

Wild Oak

lounge chairs

Lean Arch0 Inc.

We know that the house is beautiful but you would surely love the look of the lounge chairs too which is totally ultra-modern!

Los Altos Hills Modern

Gray chairs

Stotler Design Group

Gray chairs sits humbly in this astounding modern tropical pool with a lovely fire feature.


contemporary pool lounge chairs

Shane LeBlanc Designs

One look at these lounge pool chairs and you will know that it is as comfy as how you want them to be.

Iredell Residence

striped lounges

Mark Tessier Landscape Architecture

There are also lounge chairs that have prints on them just like these striped lounge that you see in the pool deck.

Timeless Elegance

Wicker lounge chairs

Harmony Design Group

Wicker lounge chairs are a hit when it comes to modern and contemporary design. Look at this picture and you’ll see why!

Niagara Vineyard Renovation

sleek modern lounge

Andrew Snow Photography

Now these are sleek modern lounge that look perfect for the streamlined look of the house and the pool.

South Canyon: Colorful Modern Mix

blue and gray

Joel Dessaules Design

Looking cool in blue and gray! You can see these colors not just in the chairs but in the entire pool area as well.

Pool Deck

contemporary features


This contemporary pool area is adorned with plants and other contemporary features including the lounge pool chairs.

La Mesa Lounge

contemporary pool lounge chairs

Pence Hathorn Silver

It would definitely be awesome to see the sun rise and set while sitting in one of the pool lounge chairs in this infinity pool.

After seeing the images above, you might feel like going on vacation! But like what we said, you can actually do that in your home with or without a pool. Some homes just place a lounge chair in the garden where they can enjoy the fresh air and where they can get a good view of nature. You can do that too. Take a look at some simple designs of garden lounge furniture that you may use.


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