May / June Crafts For Kids : 10 Ways to Inspire Kids Through Crafts

May is a fun month to celebrate. There are lots of craft activities and craft projects this month including the mother of all mother’s holidays. Mother’s Day, Spring crafts, Flower Crafts, and lots of super cute crafts for kids of all ages.

Our list of May crafts for kids is full of so many fun easy kids arts and crafts.

Hooking and Stamping

Inventing new and inspiring craft ideas for preschoolers can be challenging, especially considering that, at that age, they are still developing their motor skills. However, you can start with very simple games to hook up like this one, called a flower crown , which only requires elements that you surely already have at home, such as colored paper, scissors, glue stickers, tape and pencil. As much as possible, encourage children to draw or trace the shapes themselves, but help them cut out and finish. Other projects that are especially good for promoting motor skills are these lovely and adorable critters: caterpillars , hedgehogs and cat.s . For the little ones who want to do it all on their own, put them to work with fruit and vegetable trimmings , which are perfectly safe and easy to do.

Origami and Kirigami

Forget about that day during the holidays when the kids got lost in glitter, glue and paint. Don’t worry because not all crafts require a big cleaning operation. With short paper folding instructions and uncomplicated materials, you can practice origami and kirigami (which involve cutting and folding), an adventure for kids and parents alike. These crafts help improve children’s dexterity and concentration, as well as giving them the pleasure of creating precious objects that everyone will appreciate. Other projects that can be fun include cute butterflies (beginners) and umbrella-shaped window hangers. (although for these you will need a pin).

Making flowers

Making flowers is nothing new; in fact, the wire and nylon stockings became very popular in the 1970s. But thanks to the Internet, more and more artisans have started experimenting with new techniques and materials, inspiring all their fans – children. included – get started creating amazing, realistic flowers in easy-to-assemble formats. Tissues, crepe paper, a few cutouts, fan folds, a little decoration, a few pinches here and a few twists there, and voilà ! Red roses , water lilies , pink carnations …. There is a whole bunch of options waiting to make someone happy.

Pin Crafts

How creative are these planes (shown below), vehicles , dolls and this foosball table made of wooden pins, wooden buttons and beads, toothpicks and ice cream sticks. Not only are they very easy to do, but they also end boredom when children are confined indoors. Give them an artistic touch of paint and prints and they’ll soon be ready to deliver hours of pure entertainment and fun.

Cross stitch

The rule is quite simple: if your little one can sew a button and can count, then he or she will be ready to cross stitch; Or so says craft magician Martha Stewart, author of this ingenious craft created for school-age children and a little older. To get the kids started on this, and depending on the project, it might be a good idea to use beginner cross stitch patterns and a low bead plastic / starch fabric (at least 8 beads per linear inch) or earrings from Dimensions Crafts. (like those that can be seen in the following tutorial). Older children can try transferring their own drawings or pictures already created onto graph paper by tracing, tracing and crossing out squares, as shown here. For a more professional touch, take note of these helpful tips.

Perler beads

Creating elegant and functional design objects had been a profession for professionals. Today, however, it is child’s play. Well almost. You need Perler beads, that is, plastic tube-shaped beads that can be arranged on a pegboard using pixelated patterns. Then you just have to apply heat to the parchment paper (younger children will need an adult to help them when using a hot iron), let it cool, peel it and use it. The possibilities of Perler beads are fascinating, as you can make countless amazing things, from refrigerator magnets to charms and ornaments.

Make a puppet

Whether it’s finger puppets, hand puppets, or any other variety with a stick, children will not only love doing this manual activity but will also have a great time inventing stories, characters and rhymes that will bring your creations to life. Kids will love taking these animal puppets (seen below) and this cute leprechaun paper cup and taking them for a walk and a jump. And who knows! They may even be inspired and create their own puppet show. Best of all, the project can be carried out using all kinds of scraps you have at home. For older children, Say Yesoffers a detailed tutorial with photos for you to create your vintage puppet . Note that some degree of adult supervision is recommended so that children can build these types of puppets.

Knitting with your finger

Although there is no doubt that traditional crafts made with wool, such as knitting or crocheting, require some concentration, coordination and dexterity, knitting with your finger is a simple, fast and relaxing craft that only requires yarn and wool (size does not matter) and that children up to 4 years of age can carry out. Even the oldest, or even teenagers, will be happy to weave these necklaces , earmuffs and hulahoop rugs and can keep them as gifts for friends or family. You can add a touch of color to your project by using several different colored strands (but treating them as one) or use a variegated strand instead of the usual one.

Making Paper Watermarks

This is a very old, time-consuming craft that will therefore keep children engrossed for hours. Watermarking paper involves turning a slotted watermarking tool to wind a narrow ribbon of paper, putting pressure on the spools to shape them into different shapes and hooking them onto paper to create a variety of designs (learn here how to glue patterns without dirt nothing). Start by teaching children to roll up different shapes (tears, squares, crescents) and then let their imaginations run wild. You will be surprised to see what they are capable of. To get started, you can create your own grooved tool to make watermarks(or use a toothpick) and the paper ribbons if you haven’t gotten them yet.

STEAM Projects

If you have little inventors, curious scientists, engineers and mathematical geniuses at home, they will surely jump at the first opportunity to become part of the CTIAM crafts (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics, all in one) . If many of the projects are quite easy and can be carried out with materials that you probably already have at home, the best of all is that they encourage creativity, alternative thinking and problem solving, and all this while the little geniuses attend. a whole lesson in applied science. Perfect for projects that have occupied the most restless fingers, try to build catapults s and make spinners home.

The result of crayons, glue, and a hairdryer.

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