Kitchen Countertops: A Practical Guide to Choose The Materials That Suits With You

Choosing the perfect countertop for your kitchen can be a difficult decision. The variety of materials and, above all, the price ranges is so high that it is necessary to do a little preliminary study if you are going to design your new kitchen or if you are considering changing the counter.

Among the different variables to take into account when opting for one or the other option, we will highlight four.

  • The benefits of the chosen material must be adjusted to your needs.
  • Aesthetics . That it is compatible with the design of the kitchen you already have or with which you dream is also a relevant factor.
  • Price . This factor weighs more than we would like but it is not the same as your countertop costing 160 or 1,200 euros.
  • Your needs . That we said before but it will not be the same as being a foodie and that one of your passions is cooking, that you are the vip client of neighborhood restaurants 

Quartz Countertop

Quartz countertops are made for the most part from natural quartz, one of the hardest materials on earth and a small amount of glass or metal elements to achieve a varied and beautiful aesthetic. Another advantage that quartz provides is that it is not porous, it is antibacterial and has a stain resistant texture , making cleaning easier. For this reason, quartz countertops do not need to be sealed or specially treated.

As for aesthetics, the options offered by quartz are almost limitless since the colors range from white, black and brown tones to gold and blue. 

This is one of the most commonly used materials in the kitchen today (for a reason it will be). In case you had any doubts, this category includes, for example, Silestone , which is its own brand, which is a type of surface with 94% quartz and 6% resins.

As only disadvantages we can find that it does not withstand high temperatures well, so open it to protect it from hot pots and satins. In addition to the price, which is usually around 300 euros per linear meter.

Granite Countertops

Another of the most used materials for countertops is granite. 

Natural stones have been in our kitchens for a long time, although now their use is shifting due to new materials.

Like quartz, it is a very durable material . Granite is a natural stone that is cut in its natural state and then polished for use in homes. As it is a porous material, it requires a factory treatment to seal it and that it is resistant to stains.

Being such a hard material, it is very resistant to scratches and temperature changes . 

The great disadvantage is the aesthetics because as it is natural stone it does not provide as many color and finish options. Its price? Starting at 240 euros per linear meter. 

Corian Countertops

Corian, which was the first of this type of surface, then came another similar one like Krion, is a material with great hardness and resistance, but its great feature is that it is thermoformable, allowing it to be worked with flexibility and generating curved angles and continuous surfaces. with him .

It is a non-porous and antibacterial material, which is easy to clean and theoretically resistant to heat. 

Another of its great advantages is its aesthetics because it also has an extensive catalog of colors and finishes.

As disadvantages it should be mentioned that it is a more delicate surface than the previously mentioned surfaces because it scratches easily and does not resist some chemicals such as acetone although the good news is that damage can be easily repaired.

Other solid materials that mix compounds to obtain resistant surfaces with different finishes 

The development of new technologies and processes such as the “TSP” technology , a technological process that involves an accelerated version of the metamorphic changes that natural stone undergoes when exposed to high pressure and high temperatures for millennia, results in new surfaces such as Dekton, from Consentino .

The result is a non-porous and highly resistant surface, so much so that it equals granite in abrasion tolerance.

They can also be narrow countertops and with many finishes to choose from. Of course, it is one of the most expensive materials, it depends on the option from 250/350 euros per linear meter .

Ikea even has something similar, it is the Skararpe countertop with a price of € 499 1 x 2 m

Wood Countertops

Aesthetically it has few rivals but it is not the most recommended worktop in humid places and especially in high-use kitchens.

If you decide for it, protect the sink area well and you will have to pay the maintenance toll. Every six months approx, sand it superficially and give it a special varnish.

But not all are disadvantages, its price (much more affordable than the previous ones) makes it a valid option in kitchens with little use or with very careful users.

Price for a solid wood countertop, from 80 euros per linear meter approximately

Laminate or E stratified countertops

With a price, (between 40 to 90 euros per linear meter ) without competition, laminate countertops are not far behind in design and in this field the options they offer are very wide .

Of course, no matter how much they are improved and become straighter. Their touch always makes the difference with a stone countertop or any solid surface.

Like wood, it is a delicate surface that can be easily damaged and deformed by water and scratches.


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