Ideas for Organizing Small Rooms and Bedrooms

You will think that a small room reduces your possibilities of decoration and distribution of space, but you only need to put all the belongings in order and allocate an area for each of them. Without a doubt, the first rule for this to work is to always maintain order.

Place drawers under the free space in the bed

In small rooms it is difficult to find space to store clothes, shoes, bags and other belongings, so the best way to get some extra drawers is to put them under the bed. Some furniture already comes with this design, but if you don’t get it that way, you can send them to order.

Use the wall space for extra storage

If you don’t have room to put a closet, use an entire wall to put multiple drawers that take up floor-to-ceiling space. Ideally, they should be the same color as the wall, this way it will be an almost invisible closet.

Find innovative ideas to replace the wardrobe

For small bedrooms, it is not recommended to place large closets, because they take up a lot of space, so it is best that you use innovative ideas that provide the possibility of storage. For example, baskets, in addition to being a modern accessory, you can use it as drawers, you can also make your own clothesline and hang clothes that you do not want to wrinkle. 

Use every inch of space

In order for a small room to look nice and tidy, you must use every inch wisely, just as we show you in this image. Use the bottom of the bed to place drawers, next to the bed or on any wall you have available, place as many shelves as you can, so you can not only decorate but organize your belongings.

Minimalist style and white color predominates

As a last idea to make your small room look organized and bigger we have, try to make white the protagonist in the whole space, this will make it look with much more lighting and spaciousness, you can add color with other decorative elements. When we refer to the minimalist style we talk about placing only the essentials in the room, no more and no less, remember that the less things you have, the more space and orderly it will look.


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