How To Make Puff Pastry from Scratch

Today we are going to explain how to make puff pastry , which as you already know, is a type of preparation that only consists of dough and fat , and is used in a multitude of preparations. Surely, when you hear the word puff pastry and knowing the work involved, it will give you a tremendous laziness to prepare it, but believe me, this is one of the things you have to do, even if only once in your life, just because of the smell that it leaves impregnated in the kitchen when it comes to baking it and for its exceptional flavor, which has nothing to do with those that we are used to buying in the supermarket.

Depending on the number of turns that we give to our plastón, it will receive one name or another. Today we will focus on the flower puff pastry , which takes between five and six simple turns, it is indicated for those elaborations that have to rise a lot, such as volovanes, fruit tarts, torteles, etc.



  • 500 g of flour
  • 250 g of water at room temperature
  • 60 g of melted butter
  • 350 g of butter in blocks
  • 5 g of salt
  • 1 tsp. sugar (if the puff pastry is for sweet)


The first thing we have to do is weigh and prepare the ingredients. Then, in a mixing bowl , we will put the flour and make a hole in the middle where we will add the rest of the ingredients, as shown in the photo.

We will cover the wet ingredients with the flour and we will work the dough just enough so that they are integrated. We form a ball with the dough and make a deep cross-shaped cut, wrap it with plastic wrap and take it to the refrigerator for 30 minutes to an hour.

We place the butter block between two baking papers and tap it gently with the rolling pin.

Roll out the dough with the rolling pin and on a lightly floured surface in the shape of a cross keeping the bulge in the center and place the butter block in the middle of it.

Now we proceed to close the package , wrapping the butter, right side, left side, the top and the bottom, ensuring that the butter is tightly closed . We already have our platon prepared, with a brush we remove the excess flour and proceed to the laminate with their respective turns.

We stretch our plastón always in the same direction and with fast movements. Once stretched, we will proceed to make a simple turn , and turn 90º to the right.  With the brush, remove the excess flour, stretch again with the rolling pin and make a second simple round . We have already done two laps, why not that much?

We wrap the plastón in plastic wrap and let it rest in the fridge for about 30 minutes . We must give, between three and four turns more, and always remove the excess flour from the plastón , but from now on, between turns, there will be a rest in the refrigerator for 20 minutes. It can happen to you that during the process of stretching the dough with the rolling pin, the butter comes out, nothing happens, take the dough and put it in the fridge, about 30 minutes, the butter will cool and you can continue.

As you can see, the ambient temperature is an important issue to make this type of dough, it needs cold to prevent the butter from melting, so summer is not the best time to prepare it and in winter you have to keep an eye on the heating.

When you are going to use it, you will only have to stretch it evenly with the roller, always in one direction , until you get a rectangular plate. It is important that if you cut it, you use a very sharp knife to prevent the layers from coming together and, for this reason, they do not rise properly.

We have already explained how to make homemade puff pastry and the truth is that it has no mystery, it really costs more to explain the process than to do it. Yes, it is laborious and it is necessary to have time to be aware of the times, to remember at all times in which direction we have to knead … but it is very worth trying, even if only once.


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