How to do bridal makeup step by step and tips to be perfect that day

It is wedding season and for such a special occasion, I present you five wedding makeups , ideal for such an important day.

In today’s five wedding makeups, the most important thing is to prepare the skin in advance . It is ideal to carry out extra hydration and specific care from several months before to achieve a perfect result on that great day.

Next, with these basic skincare tips and tricks , you can achieve a stunning result for this day or for any occasion:

Personal Care

It is especially important that you take care of yourself in an extraordinary way from a few weeks before. Eat healthy, drink plenty of water and sleep at least 8 hours each day to improve the appearance of your skin.

These are essential cares in your daily routine but more important if you want to be radiant on a special day.

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Would you like to have hydrated skin from today?
And of course, take time. As long as you can for yourself despite being a busy few months with all the wedding preparations.

Visit a spa, treat yourself to a massage or enjoy moments of relaxation at home, so as not to get to the wedding day with your skin as if you came from a war.

Specific treatment

To obtain a perfect look it is important to first apply a specific treatment for your skin. So you will have your face ready to put on makeup later.

This treatment should consist of at least a cleanser , serum and moisturizer . For best results, why don’t you start the treatment a month in advance?

I recommend the Mary Kay Timewise® Miraculous Set . Fresh skin that gives a perfect close-up is essential.

If necessary, then choose an anti-aging supplement to help you dazzle, such as an anti-dark circles, an eye contour or a perfecting serum.
It would not be a bad time to start adding a mask suitable for you and your needs to your skin care routine.

And likewise, if you use all these supplements for at least 30 days, the results will surprise you. Preparing for such a special day takes time.

Perfect Finishing

The big day is here. At the time of makeup, perfect your skin with these simple steps:
Apply a makeup primer.

The secret to a perfect and long-lasting finish often lies in the application of a make-up primer.

After treating the skin, allow the products to absorb to apply the primer. The primer helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and pores.

I recommend the Mary Kay ® SPF 15 Foundation Primer . This lightweight gel glides on easily filling in blemishes and dries instantly with a matte finish.

This creates the perfect canvas for a flawless foundation application that prolongs makeup duration.

Apply the concealer
The concealer hides uneven skin tone, pimples and dark spots . The secret of a natural result is to apply it little by little and melt it correctly with the skin.
Use Undereye concealer to conceal dark circles and Mary Kay’s Perfecting Concelerate concealer to reduce blemishes.

Apply the foundation
The foundation provides you with smooth and even skin . You apply it on the entire face, from the center to the sides. Use gentle movements until it completely melts into the skin.
Visit the entry How to find your makeup base without dying trying? to choose your ideal makeup base.

Apply the Powders
Once you have applied the color, fix it with the powders and your makeup will remain intact for hours .

For example, apply Translucent Powders to reduce shine and achieve a radiant face. You can also use Bronzing, Highlighting or Compact Powders , depending on the effect you want to achieve.

Now that you have the perfect skin you can explore these professional makeup for a day, night, bohemian or daring wedding and a video tutorial for a more romantic bridal look
I remind you that you can also customize these wedding looks in the Mary Kay Virtual Makeup APP or in the new APP Mirror Me, with augmented reality, adding many more details: accessories, hairstyles, color combinations, accessories, looks created by professional makeup artists and much more.

Girlfriend of the Day Look

This look was created by Mary Kay’s professional makeup artist, Keiko Takagi . Accentuates lip color, brightens the eyes and perfectly enhances the bride’s natural beauty on her wedding day.

Bridal makeup: day look
First apply a natural color eyeshadow like Honey Spice Mineral Eyeshadow all over your eyelid. Then apply a darker matte shadow like Mineral Espresso Eyeshadow along the lash line and blend the color down to the crease of the eye. To finish, use a clear and shiny shadow like Mineral Crystalline Eyeshadow to brighten the brow bone and the tear.
Apply the EyelinerBlack , and blend it with a sponge applicator or with the Smudger Blending Brush. And apply two coats of Mascara Lash Waterproof Love®.

Day makeup for girlfriend
Apply a rosy blush like Pink Petals Mineral Blush to the center of the cheeks. For an extra touch of light, add Mineral Crystalline Eyeshadow or Highlighting Powder to the top of the cheeks.

Finally, gently contour your lips in a natural shade like Soft Blush and use a pink shade like Creamy Pink Passion Lipstick . Finish off your lip makeup with NouriShine Plus® Fancy Nancy Lip Gloss in the center of the lip.


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