How To Choose The Right Rug Size

Choosing the right size is important because the rugs serve to delimit a space within a space. That is to say, that in a certain delimited place, such as a room, the carpet will act as a second delimiter of subspace, bringing the eye into work area, the dining room, the living area or any other.

So choosing a rug bigger or smaller than required or laying it off to the center can wreck a decor, just like that iceberg wrecked the Titanic.

The size of the carpet serves to accentuate the volume and enhance the furniture, because it orders and places them “in their place”. And it is not that they are messy, but that a poorly placed carpet can make us see them out of the box, like a goalkeeper in mid-out. And of course, they score a goal right away.

In summary, we could say that a well-measured carpet conducts the orchestra, although without a coat or baton.

This versatility of carpets is very practical, because if we ever want to make a big change to our decoration, it is easier to change the carpet and move the furniture creating new defined spaces than to change the furniture, paint and throw partitions.

Choosing the size of the carpet is Basic Tip

When in doubt, size does matter. If we are not sure, 90% of the time we will succeed choosing a little larger than a little smaller.

  • Because if the carpet is too small it will look like that old series called Lost in Space and will be lost in the vastness of nowhere.
  • Although if we stop braking and it is too big then it will invade the ground and will not let you breathe. It is not that he is going to die axfisiado, but it does not cost anything to leave a little visual space.

Measure, measure and measure.

What was said: before ordering, measure . Never buy by eye, because many times the eye tells you a measurement and your brain is saying under your breath “it won’t look good”. And your brain, don’t hesitate, it’s smarter than you.

Do a pre-simulation. A highly recommended trick is to delimit or cover the surface that the carpet will occupy.

We can delimit it with painter’s tape, or better yet, make a life-size piece, for example with cheap paper tablecloths, such as those from the bars on summer terraces. We can cut them out, put them on the ground in their place and check the effect. Paper is a ridiculous expense that can save us a lot of trouble.

Don’t resign yourself to standard measurements.

In the market there are plenty of rugs of all kinds and sizes , but sometimes we can’t find the one we want. Do not resign yourself: there are always many rugs that you can make to measure to fit the inch.

Think round. If you can’t find the right size for a rug in a certain place, try thinking round. Maybe that place needs a round rug instead of a square or rectangular one. About round rugs, two tips:

  • They always look better if they look whole, without big hindrances or furniture on top.
  • And they are always smaller than you think. This is because they do not have corners and the visual impact of a round carpet is much less than that of a square carpet whose side is the diameter of the round (for example, for a meter in diameter / side we have 0.61 m2 of front surface). at 1 m2).

Don’t forget about the doors and make sure they go over if they are in the course of the carpet. Or in that case choose super thin rugs, such as vinyl for example.

Adapt to the shape of the room (or not).

If the room is square, a square rug . If the room is long, a long carpet. If it is for a round table, round mat . This type of equivalences usually works, unless we expressly want, for example, an elongated carpet in a square room to delimit a particular space.

Choose the size of the carpet: by stays


Each room is a world and each arrangement has its own dynamics, despite which we can cite some basic rules.

As long as we have room to spare (and budget for a large rug) we will choose as large as possible to cover all the sofas and table. The result in that case is spectacular.

Carpet size for living rooms
Carpet size for living rooms
Carpet size for living rooms

Of course, in this case, space should be left around the carpet so that the floor can be seen and you can “breathe” (hence, having plenty of space). Otherwise we would run the risk of the carpet looking like a carpet.

If we don’t have that much space then the length of the mat should at least cover the longest sofa at least. The sofa legs should be mounted on the carpet.

Carpet size for living rooms
Carpet size for living rooms
Carpet size for living rooms

If it is not possible or if the space is very small, we could choose a carpet that covers the coffee table and not the sofas, although they should always be able to put their feet on it.

It is a minimal solution, but it can work in small rooms helping to increase the perceived space, since the place delimited by the carpet leaves a lot of space for the rest.

The design of the carpet can influence the placement, in the sense that it would be a shame if the wonderful central filigree of the Persian carpet is hidden by the table. In that case, buy yourself another rug or set the table differently.

The other furniture in the living room should be exempt .


The basic rule is that we want to be able to put our feet on the carpet when we get out of bed; nobody likes to put their feet on the ground as soon as they get up.

For double beds there can be several distributions:

Again, if we have a lot of space and enough budget , a carpet that covers everything, bed and side tables plus the sides would be a spectacular solution.

Carpet measurements for bedroom
Carpet measurements for bedroom

Another solution is a mat that passes and crosses under the bed . I could mount on the tables or not, to taste. Whenever possible it is a more complete solution than the most useful, which we see below.

The duo or trio scheme of bedroom rugs, where one is placed on each side of the bed and optionally, another at the foot. In this case it is not necessary to break the head much, choosing the largest size that we can without getting overwhelmed (usually in the fork from 60 × 90 to 80 × 150).

Carpet measurements for bedroom
Carpet measurements for bedroom

For single bedrooms:

Logically the carpet should be placed on the side of the table . It can be tucked under the bed or simply placed next to it. If we tuck it in, it does not look bad at all, and even on many occasions it is the best option.

Carpet measurements for bedroom
Carpet measurements for bedroom

In a single bedroom, the size and shape of the carpet we choose will depend on the configuration of the room, so there are as many possibilities as there are rooms.

We can put an elongated rug next to the bed. That is the most common option. But we can also put a bigger one, longitudinal or transversal, depending on the space left by other elements such as tables or cabinets.

And if the space that we have next to the bed is not very defined, try a round rug : it can be the perfect as well as unexpected solution.

Carpet measurements for bedroom
Carpet measurements for bedroom

Dinning room

There is a sacred rule for dining tables : the size of the mat should be such that it allows chairs to remain on the mat even when we remove them to get up. And so, incidentally, we avoid scratching the ground with your feet.

To calculate how much more you need is very simple: put the chair where it would be when you remove it and measure what protrudes from the table. It should be a distance of between 55 and 75 cm from the edge of the table , but it is better that each one take their own measurements. Thus, the width should be that of the table plus twice that size.

For rectangular tables it also depends on whether or not the headboard is used for eating and setting chairs. In any case, the rule we apply where the sofas (when there is plenty of space, do not skimp on the carpet ) is fully valid here as well.

Dining Area Rugs Size
Dining Area Rugs Size
Dining Area Rugs Size

Round tables

Most people prefer a round rug for a round table, but it’s not written anywhere in stone either, so everyone’s taste operates here : a square rug on a round table can also look good.

But a round rug on a round table offers more simplicity, plus it leaves all diners the same distance from the edge.

Regarding size, the same rule applies as rectangular tables. For example, a 120 cm table would require a carpet of that diameter plus the chair removal distance we want, which, as we said before, should be a minimum of 55 cm on each side (that is, 120 + 55 + 55 = 230 cm). From there, to infinity and beyond … depending on the space and taste of each one.

Dining Area Rugs Size
Dining Area Rugs Size
Dining Area Rugs Size

Offices or work sites

A carpet for a workplace will serve, in addition to the obvious, to delimit the work area . If it is a simple area with a chair and a table, nothing could be easier.

The important thing is that the wheels of the chair and feet are inside the carpet . It would be very uncomfortable and unsightly for the chair or wheels to be off the carpet, in addition to what we would make the parquet suffer. If we are going to use wheelchairs it is important that we make sure that the rugs hold them (for example, vinyl and polypropylene are great for that).


Whenever we can install a one-piece runner mat it is better than several separate ones . It gives the impression of continuity and we dressed the hall in one piece, without distractions.

If they are several pieces, they are the same , unless for some reason we want to break the visual continuity.

A breathing space must be left on each side, which depends on the width of the corridor, but it should be a minimum of 10-15 cm . And of course, they must be centered. The most common width of hall rugs is usually 70 cm.

The stripes, borders and colors can help shorten or lengthen the hallways or rinse and darken. For example, a corridor rug with a valance and light tones can help make a corridor longer and brighter, in the same way that a dress with vertical stripes slims and stylizes us.

If we use the carpet outdoors there is no great difference: we will apply the same rules depending on the available spaces.

And with this, we hope that it will be easier for you to choose the correct size or measurement of your next carpet.


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