How to buy cheap flights to Crimea 2020

At the height of the holiday season, the question of how to find cheap flights to Crimea for the summer of 2020 is more relevant than ever. In the summer, Simferopol Airport receives thousands of tourists who want to spend a vacation on our peninsula.

There are really many willing people, so in order to save on a flight, you will have to make an effort. We have gathered some tips that will help you not to spend extra money and see the most interesting in Crimea.

The easiest and most convenient way to find cheap tickets is special online services, which collect all the information about flights and their prices. For example, you can use the Aviasales website, the widget of which is located on our website.

In order to find cheap flights to Crimea 2020, you need to fill in the place of arrival and departure, the number of passengers and the date of the trip, and then the service itself will collect all the information about the possible methods of flight, highlighting the most budget option. In addition, such sites have the opportunity to find out the prices for several months in advance, which allows you to choose the best date for the trip.

However, to find really low prices, you need to know a few secrets:

Tickets must be bought in advance – preferably not later than two months before the departure date.

It is advisable to plan a flight on days when ticket prices are reduced. Traditionally, this happens in the middle of the week, and on the eve of weekends and holidays, the cost of the flight increases.
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Many people do not know exactly when they will leave Crimea, or plan to continue the journey in another direction. In this case, there is no need to rush to take a one-way ticket – in most cases the cost of the flight will be more expensive. This is the policy of many carriers. It is better to book a round-trip ticket, and then refuse it – this will allow you to purchase cheap flights to Crimea for 2020.

As a rule, direct flights cost more than connecting flights. Yes, it’s more tiring to fly with transfers, but on such relatively small routes as Moscow-Simferopol and St. Petersburg-Simferopol, one can tolerate. Savings can be very noticeable.

After you bought cheap flights to Crimea for the summer of 2020 and you flew to Simferopol, you can do so in order not to waste too much. The airport itself is located about 12 km from the capital of Crimea. There are several options for getting out of it.

The budget is the trolley. He goes both to Simferopol (to the center, to the railway station, etc.), and to the South Coast – to Yalta and Alushta. You can still leave by bus or private minibuses, although their prices are higher, but comfort is better. But there is no need to rush a taxi – the airport prices are too high, and if you call a driver from any other area, the trip will cost less.

Cheap vacation in Crimea in 2020 is a reality, if you plan your trip in advance. It is important not to agree to the offers of various touts who offer advantageous transportation or accommodation, it is better to use free Internet at the airport and calmly find an affordable option.

In addition, it is worth remembering that the airport has always been distinguished by higher prices for goods, food, various services. Therefore, you need to eat, buy a SIM card or other things in Simferopol itself. So you can not only get cheap flights to Crimea for the summer of 2020, but also spend less money on a trip!


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