Healthy snacks: Easy, healthy and rich recipes

Throughout this article we will discover 12 healthy snack recipes, easy to prepare, rich and suitable for the whole family.

Why are healthy snacks important?
The snack is a type of light meal that is taken in the afternoon or before dinner. Many know the importance of breakfast and more than one healthy to be able to perform throughout the day, but few recognize how necessary the snack is – both for children, adults and the elderly.

Many experts define a balanced diet as one that apart from eating different types of healthy foods, is one that makes 5 meals a day. That is why the snack is a very important meal during the day and if we bet on the healthiest options we are trying our good nutrition.

Without this food our physical and mental performance during the day can easily drop, since we must constantly provide energy to the body. In the case of children and adolescents, the snack is very important since their digestive system is still developing and their body is not yet ready to go for hours without eating.

What should you include and what not?
A healthy snack should include carbohydrates, protein, fruit, or cereal. If we vary the options, everything will be much easier. It is especially recommended to include varied foods that have high amounts of nutrients. If you do exercise later, it is important to eat foods that contribute calories.

However, the consumption of products rich in saturated fat and refined sugars should be moderate and avoided, since in the long term they can be harmful and cause associated problems.

What breakfast? 
To have different recipes, below we show you different options of healthy snacks, rich, easy to prepare and for all tastes. All can be accompanied with a tea, an infusion, water or a coffee.

1. Energy balls with cocoa flavor

These balls made with dried apple, dates, cocoa, oatmeal and chia are a perfect option. They can be made with nuts such as walnuts or almonds. Cinnamon and other ingredients can also be added to vary its flavor.

2. Yogurt and fruit

If you need a quick and simple snack that you can take anywhere, a yogurt accompanied by a seasonal fruit that you like is the most healthy and indicated. It provides few calories, energy, is light and also satisfying.

3. Nuts and yoghurt

If you are not very fruitful or just do not feel like it at the time, nuts together with yogurt also make a perfect combination.

It is important to eat no more than a handful – approximately 30 g. You can accompany everything with a little natural honey to give it more sweetness.

4. Fruit and Green Smoothies

If you are always one of those who tends to snack on pieces of fruit, we offer you another healthy snack, the smoothies. You can add vegetable milk, water or even skimmed yogurt along with the fruit combinations that you like the most.

Green smoothies are also super healthy and healthy antioxidant options for snacks and may be the right time to try it. You can add sprouts, ginger or any other ingredient you can think of.

5. Healthy Sandwiches

Sandwiches can also be the snack of the day and do not have to be so caloric. Use oil-free tuna, turkey, york ham or serrano ham to make it and add a vegetable touch such as cucumber, peppers, spinach, chard or tomato slices.

You can season your sandwich with a little Dijon mustard, onion powder, or handmade mayonnaise.

 Sandwiches with vegetables and fresh cheese is also a healthy snack for when we are a little more hungry.

6. Figs and Walnuts

Another healthy snack is the simple combination of prickly pear and walnuts. The flavor is sweet and also super satiating. It also provides many essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals that help reduce blood sugar levels.


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