Easy Apple Candy

Caramelized apples are one of those sweets that cannot be missed at fairs and special parties like Halloween. If you have ever tried them, surely you already know why they are so popular with children (and adults). If you are planning a party or celebration, this caramelized apple recipe will shine on your candy table!

Although we almost always see them on festive occasions, preparing them is not complicated at all. You just have to prepare the caramel and dip the apples in it. We give you all the details and steps you need to learn how to make caramelized apples , so enjoy with this free recipe.

Additional features: Cheap cost, Recommended for children


  • 5 apples red
  • 300 grams of refined white sugar
  • 150 milliliters of water
  • 100 grams of butter
  • Essence of vanilla
  • 1 tablespoon dessert of red food coloring


  • To make your caramel apples, start by preparing the liquid caramel . In a frying pan, add the sugar, water, vanilla essence to taste and butter. Heat over medium heat and keep mixing constantly.
  • When the ingredients mix, add the red food coloring . Let the caramel cook until it starts to bubble and remove it from the heat.
  • Insert a wooden stick into the center of each apple.
  • Carefully dip the apples in the hot caramel and place them on a baking sheet with a silicone mat or baking paper.
  • Let the caramelized apples cool until they harden and enjoy them.

Tip: If you want them to harden faster, you can put the apples in the fridge for 15 minutes.

Do you want to give an even more appetizing and sweet touch to your caramelized fair apples ? You have so many options! Here are some ideas:

How to decorate caramelized apples

  • After dipping them in the caramel, you can sprinkle colored or chocolate chips on your homemade caramel apples.
  • You can also use chopped peanuts or other nuts of your choice as a topping so that the caramel apples are crispy.
  • Use a pastry bag or a bag to bathe them in white or milk chocolate.
  • Use cupcake pans if you want to make a base for them. This way, it will be more convenient to place the caramel apples on the candy table.

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