The Best Dress code Cocktail Attire

Many times, when you are invited to this type of event, in the same invitation or email that you have received, the type of appropriate clothing to wear will appear. If not, a suit jacket, elegant shirt and tie, semi formal attire, formal occasion, smart casual, white shirt, a black tie or wear a suit although it is not a bad idea to completely eliminate the tie and go with the first buttons of the shirt unbuttoned. As for footwear, some moccasins or lace dress shoes . Many also incorporate suspenders in these events to give a modern air to their look. Let’s continue to read more about Dress code Cocktail Attire.

Dress code Cocktail Attire

How to dress for an evening if dress code cocktail attire?

In the event that the cocktail is at night, it would be ideal to wear a black suit, a dress shirt instead of an Oxford-type shirt and a tie or, failing that, a bow tie. If you already want to finish off your look and go to the nines, add a neatly folded handkerchief in your jacket pocket. Of course, being a night event never take off your jacket, even in the middle of August .

The evening suit for men can also be a tuxedo, although this type of clothing has already been seen. The man seeks to be comfortable whenever possible, so only in the event that the cocktail is in a luxurious location, the use of a tuxedo is recommended.

How to dress for casual cocktail

Maybe the cocktail will be in a private house, with a swimming pool, and if it is in summer you will surely want to take a bath. Depending on the seriousness of the event, you may or may not take off your clothes to cool off. But I anticipate that, as a general rule, you should maintain your composure and not taste the water or get your feet wet.

When you attend these types of events, even if you wear a hat, it must remain with you until the end of the party, it is not well seen that you remove your accessories in the middle of the cocktail, or at least it was that way in the past. But I do not scare you, being, for example, at a friend’s house, you can go with chinos, shirt or polo shirt and a funny jacket . The combinations are endless. There are those who dare to go in shorts with suspenders and a bow tie, but I repeat only if the cocktail is totally informal, there is trust with the hosts and of course all the guests dress in the same way.

How to dress for cocktail is in a luxury hotel

Friend, there is no escape here. You must adhere to the protocol 100%, since surely even the staff who work that day serving champagne, dressed in their best clothes. Suits with muted colors, with style and sober cut. Always straight lines, if you wear accessories that are discreet . As for footwear, no loafers, always elegant shoes in black or dark brown with laces.

The shirt can be in silk with a little shine and a discreet tie or bow tie, no flowers or cheerful and fun prints. The collar of the shirt should not have buttons, so that it does not tighten the tie. The pieces of the suit must share fabric and as I have mentioned , black is the best option . We leave gray, blue or striped tones for work or for daytime events, but not so formal.

The outfit should be refined, so your attitude should also match. Take a look at the action protocol if you have never attended an event of this caliber, since there are many movements in which you can attract attention without realizing it.

The cocktail events were designed to socialize and create public relations among the attendees. In more intimate ceremonies, the guests coexist while enjoying a few drinks and appetizers. In terms of clothing, the black suit will always be the infallible one. However, if the cocktail is held in the afternoon, the suits can have a different hue in vibrant colors, even classic prints such as stripes and gingham. The use of a tie, in this label, is not exactly mandatory, as it is a “relaxed” formality. Accessories such as the watch, the scarf and even the sunglasses are necessary objects to give the oufit a trendy twist..

Do you have a wedding, cocktail attire or christening? Take note of the etiquette rules that we have compiled for you, an ally when choosing!

What is the appropriate clothing for each social event? What guidelines does the etiquette protocol set? We express it to you in this article. To begin with, it is necessary to know that the ladies’ wardrobe is marked by the gentlemen’s label and that although it is normal for it to be indicated in the formal invitation, it does not necessarily always. If you have questions, ask the event organizers.

With this table you can get a broad idea of ​​the formal Dress code and the equivalences between masculine and feminine etiquette, to always go according to each other and with the occasion:

Time of dayLadiesGentlemen
Half label or acts that do not require a labelShort dress, jacket suit or casual cocktail dressDark suit (never black)
Morning / Afternoon LabelCocktail dress or 2 pieces (The length must be at the knee, or two fingers above or two fingers below, no more and no less)Waistcoat (It is worn until sunset and admits small decorations. You have to know that the vest must always be gray or black)
Afternoon / Night LabelLong dress (Don’t touch the ground and let the shoes show)Tuxedo (with black or white bow tie, can’t dress in acts)
Night LabelLong dress Grand Gala (Do not let the shoes be seen)Frac (Maximum label, supports wearing decorations)

Stain-free clothing, Intense colours, Bright white…

Your clothes will always be as new, and at each event everyone will think that you are always going to be premiere, is there perhaps a better feeling?

Friends Toasting With Wine Glasses — Image by © Ken Seet/Corbis

I have a dinner…

A stylish look says a lot about you, wherever you go. If it is with friends or couples, choose colors that are neither too bright nor boring, and nothing too tight or too loose. Whether it is in a house or if you go out, you will succeed with stylish platforms and a set of plain pants and top with sequins, lace or print.

A short dress, but not too much, with a clutch and a nice shoe is also a good option. If dinner is work, the classic simple black dress with a shoe or a boot of the same color, stockings and a jacket or shawl is your best asset. Now that the large jewels are worn, in any of these cases you can bet on a striking and interesting bracelet or choker.

Our recommendation: With a shirt and chinos, or with darts, even a cowboy. And if necessary, American.

I have a christening

A christening is a semi-formal event, day or afternoon, so you have to be elegant, but without excesses because it is not an act of etiquette. Avoid long dresses, noticeable accessories, and dark or heavily saturated colors. The preferred ones are pastel tones in all its variants, simple jacket suits, low shoes, and discreet hairstyles. Headdresses are also not appropriate.

Our recommendation: A suit is perfect, but it will also be ideal with a blazer, a shirt and pants with darts.

I have a Company

Companies are more austere acts than weddings, but half a label is usually requested and it is the right thing to do. The cocktail dress is appropriate for these cases, it uses bold and bold colors and designs. As accessories, a beautiful hat to combat the sun and a clutch, to match the shoes. The latter must be of medium-high heel.

Our recommendation: Suits with blazers and ties. Avoid light colored suits and too dark or thick fabrics.

I have a wedding

If it’s morning, the label suggests a short or cocktail outfit, but never long. The short dress, indicated exclusively for the morning, is considered a “half label” and is the feminine equivalent of the jacket suit.

Its length should be that of the knee or a little above, but never mini, so as not to fail, it is best to choose a classic and elegant cut. Pair it with mid-height or high-heeled shoes and a matching bag. You can also wear a headdress or a hat.

If it is afternoon, by protocol we should never wear a dress or short suit. The quintessential garment is the long dress, the shoes will be high and with a thin heel, the handbag always.

A few and high quality jewels. The most elaborate hairstyles are for these acts. If it is not a ceremony but is a commemorative act, or a party, more or less the same rules apply. You just have to know what time the event will be and what label is required.


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