6 Fun DIY Craft Activities with Kids Will Keep Them Entertained for Quarantine Hours

When you’re stuck at home with the kids and have nothing to do, don’t despair! It’s easier than you think to grab the crayons, glue, glitter, and paint and let their creativity shine. These fun activities for kids are easy, DIY, and can mostly be done with everyday items that you have around the house. You just need these sparks of inspiration to get the ideas flowing. What’s that you hear? It’s probably the sound of laughter and concentration, and certainly not a kid yelling, “I’m bored!” from the other side of the house.

If it’s rainy and you’re stuck indoors, there are tons of painting projects, inside crafts, and small-scale obstacle courses and activities that’ll hold their attention for long stretches of time. Or, if you’re able to head to the backyard, there are fun ideas for bubbles, water-based activities, and activities that get their little bodies moving. Either way, we’ve got your recipe for happy kids. Best of all, none of these require an electronic device or an app, so you don’t have to worry about too much screen time.

1# DIY Paper Bowl Jellyfish

Jellyfish have roamed the seas for over 500 million years and they almost have an out of this word quality to them. Their mysterious translucency and glow is captured in these gorgeous jellyfish lamps.

2# DIY Tattoo – Printed Planter

If you have a printer, you can get some printable temporary tattoo paper and use it to dress up old planters, mugs, pencil cups, and the like. (And if you don’t have a printer, you can just use a lot of little, store-bought temp tattoos.) Kids will have a great time finding patterns that match their bedrooms or school supplies.

3# DIY Tissue Box

You probably have empty tissue boxes lying around the house already. When you’re done, use extra tissues to “feed” the dog. Turn it into a minute-to-win-it game.

#4 DIY I Spy Bottle – Bag

Transform a windowed pencil case or a bottle into an armchair treasure hunt with this no-sew project. Fill the case with poly pellets or bottle with rice and to obscure the treasures.

#5 DIY Paper Bead Necklaces

Strips of scrapbooking paper look super cute when rolled into beads, but you can also have your kids experiment with wrapping paper, magazine clippings, or newsprint for a craft you can do without going to the store.

#6 DIY Paper Bracklets

We love a two-for-one activity: First, paint abstract shapes with watercolors, and then have older kids cut the paper into strips and fold them into wearable art.


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