Crazy Metamorphosis

Many women choose an unusual method of hair coloring. The last extravagant trend in hair coloring with different colors was popular and lasted quite a long time. No wonder thousands of women from all over the world have fallen in love with this trend! But what if someone likes even more insanity and color on their heads?

Women can do literally anything with hair, and of course you saw a lot of strange and crazy hairstyles, but life may surprise you and it’s not so!

Taylor Ray hairstylist decided to try a new method of hair coloring, and, we think, she managed to transfer this business to a higher level.

An unusual method of mixing and applying hair dye was created in her hairdresser. Instead of the traditional method of mixing the ingredients with a brush and then applying them to the head, Taylor decided to put the paint on the top of her head and leave the paint to drain from her hair. This method was called Drip Hair Dye.

Taylor, the creator of this staining method, specializes in color correction and vibrant color in everyday life. Her inspiration stems from art, music and the desire to create something special that will make her clients feel happy.

Rei was curious to see how dripping paint would look on someone’s hair, so she thought to try something like that on a mannequin. After some time, a client appeared who wanted to play with color and decided on a total metamorphosis. Thanks to this courageous woman, the new method of coloring has gained popularity and has developed more and more with each subsequent client.

This coloring still requires some sacrifice, first of all, its price may be higher than that of traditional hair dye. In addition, this coloring, even if it looks like a children’s game, can take from 3 to 5 hours. Many colors can fade quickly, and it will take a month for repainting. The colors that are usually the most sought after include silver, pastel blue and the most fashionable, pink-golden hue or pink gold.

Would you choose such a crazy metamorphosis with hair or would you prefer more natural colors?


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