Chinese Street Fashion Trends

For most people following this trend, watching these videos of the Chinese’s take on fashion made them re-think their style, which is refreshing in a COVID-19 world filled with pajamas and boxers. Western fashion fans and models are taking a page out of the Chinese street fashion bible, stepping up their game by taking fashion risks. Thanks to China’s fashion trend, people of the Internet now think spiky leg harnesses, oversized Gothic clothes and bell-bottom pants are the new IN thing in fashion.

The best part: this fashion trend makes wearing masks look cool!

Chinese Street Fashion

Simply put, the Chinese street fashion trend showcases a side of fashion most people aren’t used to seeing. China’s take on fashion is making everyone doubt their fashion choices. Who knew that you can wear a Barbie top and make it look high fashion? That’s what you call enjoying an authentic fashion style.

DIY Chinese Street Fashion Look Book: Everything You Need to Know About This Style

If you’re inspired to pull off your personal take on the Chinese street fashion trend, you may be confused at first. After all, China’s take on street fashion doesn’t follow a specific type or trend — which is why it’s so popular. The fashion flexibility it offers makes it so attractive to a broader audience. Also, these Chinese fashion icons aren’t just taking inspiration from other trends; they own the look by incorporating fashion pieces that are unique to Chinese culture — from a regular dress to traditional Chinese clothing.

Another thing that makes Chinese street fashion special is how it mixes different styles and pieces to create a one-of-a-kind statement piece.

If you need more help, here is a breakdown of all the different style inspirations behind the most iconic Chinese street fashion looks.

Lolita/Pastel Goth

Goth is a fashion style and subculture developed in the UK during the 1980s. Goth fashion was inspired the Victorian era fashion, except with the smoky makeup and dark fashion. It was also inspired by the gothic rock genre of music, gothic horror films and literature.

Pastel goth is a light take on this fashion style. Rooted in Japan’s Harajuku street fashion scene, it essentially combines the dark styles of goth fashion with touches of cute and colorful. Think of it as “creepy cute.”

China’s street fashion brings this fashion back in different shades of pastel and makes it new by incorporating some traditional elements like the qipao (also known as “cheongsam”), which is a Manchu body-hugging dress with a high neck and a skirt slit.


The new generation is all about the e-boy and e-girl trend. This latest fashion craze combines different parts of the Internet clothing culture, such as skater, K-Pop and anime culture. E-boy and e-girl outfits often consist of layered sweaters, jackets and skirts with chunky Doc Martens boots and baggy pants. Common e-boy/e-girl accessories include metalwork and all types of chains. Tiktok e-girls are known for their thigh-high knee socks, school-girl skater skirts and the Mary Jane school girl shoes.

In terms of makeup, e-girls and e-boys make themselves look younger by adding exaggerated notes of blush on their nose and cheeks. They also dye their hair in eccentric colors to resemble their favorite K-Pop stars like Kim Taehyung or Min Yoongi or anime characters, like Armin from “Attack on Titan.”

Full e-boys and e-girls tend to be a persona limited to the Internet space. But the Chinese models of street fashion beg to differ as they bring the e-girl/e-boy look to the streets, which makes them very eye-catching.


Another classic fashion look integrated into the Chinese street fashion style is hip-hop fashion. This music movement from the Bronx isn’t just a genre; it influences how people wore their clothes. Hip hop artists expressed themselves through their bucket hats, oversized clothes, sportswear, denim dungarees, casual sneakers and chains. Hip-hop fashion culture also included the tight-fit tops and baggy pants combination straight from ’90s R&B.

Traditional Chinese

China fashion has always stood out for its colors, silhouettes and unique style. It is also the most unique to the country and not inspired by other influences. The most notable fashion style, the Hanfu, made its comeback in 2019. The younger Chinese models incorporated the Hanfu fashion into their attires by wearing traditional garbs out in the streets. Most Hanfu-era dresses today are made with the traditional silhouette but with a modern touch. Unlike the old Hanfu attire, the newer version doesn’t have as many layers and includes mesh fabric and appliqué patterns to show some skin.

These traditional outfits are subtle nods to China’s historical clothing with more color and experimental pieces. The modern qipaos are also functional enough for wear with fascinating moderations like lace fur, sleeves and high leg slits.

A Different Kind of Cat Walk?

The growth of the Chinese street fashion scene is an exciting one, especially in the middle of a pandemic. With everyone stuck at home in their PJs, it’s nice to watch other people dress up exaggeratedly and confidently walk in the streets. Plus, it gives everyone ideas on what they should what they can wear once everything returns to normal.

If it doesn’t inspire you to overhaul your closet, it entertains you, at least. The flaunting of trends, brands and styles in these short clips is so catchy, that you’ll feel you’re in the same circle as these Chinese models.

Chinese street fashion gives us hope for the future, in terms of clothing and style. Once we can ditch the PJs and the boxers, we can roam the streets — in the same way the Chinese do.


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