Budget-Friendly Destinations of the Caribbeans

Traveling to the Caribbean is the dream of many and you know what is best: It can be very cheap! Due to the luxurious and exclusive resorts in this area, there is sometimes the idea that the Caribbean is only for the wealthy, but there are alternatives for everyone. On this page you can find the 10 cheapest destinations in the Caribbean. 

Paradise beaches, natural beauties, a relaxed atmosphere and good weather attract thousands of travelers to the Caribbean every year. And in Mundukos. Here is the list of the cheapest destinations in the Caribbean updated.

Travelers have their pick of several inviting Caribbean destinations this winter as many have reopened with enhanced health and safety protocols and testing requirements in place. However, travelers will have equal if not more opportunities to experience this coveted region for a bargain in 2021. Beyond getting tested, wearing your face mask and practicing social distancing and frequent hand washing, tools like Google Flights as well as the various travel deals currently available make it easy to travel to the Caribbean safely and for relatively cheap. Here are some of the most affordable places visitors to the Caribbean should consider.

Varadero, Cuba

Americans still cannot legally sunbathe in Varadero, but citizens of the rest of the world can and do. Since it is not only a beautiful island, it can be considered relatively cheap and good value for the Caribbean. The quality of its beachfront hotels is quite good.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Punta Cana is one of the favorite destinations for Spanish-speakers, since Spanish is the island’s language, although English is also common. This city in the Dominican Republic is characterized by white sand and has the best prices on average for hotels, making it a good destination for budget-conscious travelers. 

Average cost per night in a 3-star hotel for two people is between 60 and 123 USD, a breakfast costs between 2.50 and 6 USD, while a meal in a local restaurant costs between 5 and 12 USD.

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Puerto Plata, along the north coast of the Dominican Republic, is an excellent option for travelers seeking all the magic of the Caribbean at a reasonable price. Puerto Plata hotels are among the cheapest in the Caribbean islands, and the area is renowned for its “all-inclusive” packages at very affordable prices.

  • Average cost per night in a 3-star hotel: 54 USD.

Negril, Jamaica

Negril, which is about 90 minutes from the Montego Bay airport by road, has a beautiful west-facing beach and a variety of 2-star and 3-star hotels, making it one of the best value destinations in the Caribbean. There are also many exclusive 4 and 5 star all inclusive resorts, so it has a good offer for all budgets. Average cost per night in a 3-star hotel for two people: USD 76. 

Montego Bay, Jamaica

In Jamaica, Monte Bay is not the most attractive destination for travelers, however, it does have one of the main airports on the island and is a good option for those looking for cheap accommodation. You can book a hotel for $ 70 a night, a few dollars less compared to Negril.


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