Best Wedding Hairs Accessories That Make You Say “Wow!”

The most important thing when creating your alternative bridal look is to choose the right accessories that highlight your look and your hairstyle is a perfect canvas to use elements that fill your outfit with personality.

For that reason today we share these trends of ideal hair accessories for the alternative bride that are the top of this season and that are worthy of every bride who wants to be the most original at her wedding.

Silk and velvet ribbons

An ideal element for those romantic brides who want to add a subtle but different touch to their hairstyle. Whether in a low ponytail or a half ponytail, bows are at their best.

Brooches and combs with stars

One of the trends that is sweeping this 2019 is that of the celestial theme , so of course the stars could not miss. Whether in brooches, combs or headbands, they are an element that will undoubtedly make you shine this season.

Quartz and crystals

One of our favorite trends that delicately fill any look with personality. Naturally shaped crystals are the perfect companion for any modern bride.

Geometric elements

If you are a modern girl with a taste for minimalist details, this is an ideal option for you. Headbands and brooches with geometric elements will give an alternative twist of the most original to your look.

Headbands and bandanas

A very romantic element but full of personality, the headbands this season are having their come back and are an accessory that goes hand in hand with dresses with classic silhouettes and minimalist hairstyles.

Brooches with words

An accessory that takes us back to our childhood and adolescence in the 90’s. The brooches with thematic phrases are having an important appearance in the world of fashion, so of course the bridal world could not be left behind by implementing this ideal trend for alternative brides.

Minimalist pearls

Pearls are a classic element that does not go out of style, the key is to use them with good taste and in a subtle way to give a twist to our look but with the perfect touch of elegance.

Rings for braids

The rings in the braids is ideal for all those bohemian brides who want to add personality to their look.

Harnesses and chains

An element with a super edgy touch that will make you look very original. You can style it in a bohemian way or with a romantic style, it all depends on the piece and the dress with which you combine it.

Brooches with graphic elements

A super fun way to add a special twist to your hairstyle. What figure would you like to add to your look?

Bohemian crowns

If you are a bohemian bride who dreams of wearing a look full of Coachella vibes, then this is the perfect item for you.


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