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When looking for the best Solar Pool Heaters, the Consumer and User Organization test winners (see are a good recommendation worth considering during your product comparison. Due to the large number of products and manufacturers, we recommend that you read several testimonials before making your purchase. In addition to the OCU test reports, in most cases you can also find evaluations made by specialized magazines (such as Stiftung Warentest). If you find multiple test reports, it makes sense to make a comparison of the best Solar Pool Heaters from the practical tests for each list.

Do not forget to check the date of the lists of the best products (they must be current). If you use outdated lists, it may happen that outdated information prevents you from finding the best product . Hence our last recommendation: always look for information about the winner of this year’s test and, if possible, with a detailed test report.

On this page you will find the best OCU products (not Consumer and User Organization!) For the Solar Pool Heaters category in an easy to compare format. Results are based on extensive practical testing of the products under laboratory conditions (not always). In cases where the consumer organization has not conducted any tests for Solar Pool Heaters, we have used information from comparable sources, such as OCU.

Along with the list of the best products, you will also find some buying advice, as well as an interesting video on the topic of Solar Pool Heaters. We also include for you the links to the test reports (from OCU) as well as some accessible offers.

Ranking: OCU Solar Pool Heaters Test Winners (2021)

Below, you will find the List of the best products of 2021 for the category Solar Pool Heaters. This list includes OCU test winners , determined through extensive research. We also present the 6 best products in another table so that you can compare them more easily. If you want to see test reports or full testimonials about Solar Pool Heaters, we recommend turning to specialized magazines.


Gre AR2069 Solar Pool Heater by Manufacturas Gré

Heating system to heat the water in above-ground pools, made of polyethylene
It allows to increase the water temperature up to 6ºC
Solar heating system
Minimum recommended pump power 1/3 CV

Gre 90230 – Solar Heater for Pool between 7.5 and 10 m3 *
by Manufacturas Gré
Solar heating system to heat pool water
Allows to increase the water temperature by about 3ºC
Solar heating system
Recommended for pools between 7.5 and 10 cubic meters
Multiple heaters can be connected in series with each other


Intex 28685 – Solar water heater mat 120 cm, Black by Intex

Solar heating mat for inflatable and removable pools AGP
With a square shape, the measurements of the solar mat are 120×120 cm (before it is filled with water)
The heating mat is suitable for AGP pools up to 30280 liters of water capacity
The solar mat is made of black PVC to increase the temperature of the water in AGP pools
The increase in water temperature is between 3 and 5ºC, depending on the atmospheric conditions

Bypass Assembly For Solar Pool Heater by vidaXL

Plastic material
Delivery includes:
1 x 3-way valve (switchable)
1 x T-shaped connector (Φ 38mm)

Kokido Duomo – Solar pool heater by Kovyx Outdoor
Compatible with 32/38 mm sockets
Includes connection hose
Dimensions 100 x 97 x 70 cm

Bestway 58423 – Solar heating blanket 110 x 171 cm by BESTWAY
Adapters compatible with 32 / 38mm hose
Dimensions: 110 x 171 cm
High quality material

Kokido – Solar Pool Heater Keops by Kokido
Don’t let late summer keep you from swimming, this Kokido Keops Solar Dome Above Ground Pool Water Heater allows you to swim in the colder months of the year.
Extend your pool season with lukewarm water and heat your pool to a comfortable, warm temperature
Environmentally friendly heating Energy.
Reduces or eliminates pool heating costs compared to gas or electric heater.
Includes a protective cover for storage purpose when not in use.

Festnight Rectangular Black Polyethylene Floating Pool Film 6X4 M by Festnight
This solar pool film is located directly on the surface of the water, within the edges of the pool, and therefore can raise the temperature of your pool water by up to 1 ° C depending on the amount of direct sunlight.
With PE bubbles all over the surface, the heat is contained for much longer. It is the least expensive way to heat your pool.
At the same time, it helps reduce the consumption of chemicals, as well as the evaporation of water.
It is easy to adapt to small pools. Lightweight, easy to install and assemble.

QP Products Nano Heater, Black / White, 25.6×47.2×20 cm, 831012NN by QP Products
Plug & Play installation easily
Easy mounting
Easy to use

Festnight Solar Pool Heater Solar Panel by Festnight
This solar pool heater collects the sun’s rays, converts them to heat, and keeps your pool comfortably warm.
Increase the temperature of the pool water up to 10 degrees.
With the installation of this heater, the pool water circulates through the solar channels and makes your pool hot.
It is compatible with most pool pumps. It can be mounted on a roof / rack or simply laid on the ground next to the pool.
Delivery includes: 1 x panel, 2 x seals, 4 x clamps, 2 x hose connectors (38 / 30mm diameter each)

2x Nemaxx SH3000 Solarheater 3 m – solar pool heating, solar heating, pool heating mat, solar pool panel, hot water, lime by Nemaxx
EXTEND THE BATHING SEASON – The SH3000 can extend the bathing season in your garden thanks to a warm water temperature. With the help of solar energy.
NO CONSUMPTION IN OPERATION – In order to heat the water temperature with the solar heater, you do not need more water or electricity.
TAKE ADVANTAGE OF SOLAR ENERGY – With no additional costs the water temperature rises up to 5 ° C. Simple mounting between the filter pump and and the inlet mouth.
EASY TO INSTALL – To get the SH3000 Solar Heater up and running, all you need is a screwdriver, scissors and a little manual dexterity.
FACTS – UV resistant plastic, any mounting accessories included, Dimensions once assembled: 3.05mx 0.6m, more mats can be installed one behind the other.

Gre AR20693 – Solar water heater for freestanding pools by Manufacturas Gre
Allows to increase the water temperature up to 4C
Maximum recommended pool volume of 8,000l
Requires filtration pump with a maximum flow rate of 4m3 / h

Steinbach 49123 – Solar Pool Heater (LDPE, 0.7 x 6 m, for Pools of 20 m³ Capacity) by Steinbach

Dimensions6 m X 0.7 m. Weight: 10 kg. Maximum pressure of 1 bar at a water flow rate of 20 ° C of at least 2000 l / H. maximum 10000 l / h.
Model: 0.7 mx 6 m for above ground pools with a water content of up to 20 m³.
Connection: The solar heating panel is connected after the filter system.For greater heat output, several elements can be connected in series.

COSTWAY Pool Heater Carpet Solar Pool Water Heater 300 cm x 70 cm by COSTWAY

【Eco-friendly】 When you use this solar mat to heat your pool water, you don’t waste electricity. Everything you use is natural and environmentally friendly because of solar energy. Save the electricity bills of expensive electric heaters.
【Expandable】 The solar mat can be extended as you wish. You can connect pool heaters that you have purchased. So the pool water heats up faster.
【Easy installation】 Easy to connect with the pool pump.
【Heats fast】 The sun’s rays heat the water that flows through the quick heater. You don’t need to wait long.
【High quality material】 Made of EPDM, it is weather resistant and durable.

Gre AR2000 – Bypass Kit for Heat Pumps, Electrolysis and Solar Heaters by Gre

Gre brand bypass valve kit for heat pumps
It allows to close the passage to the heat pump when it is not in use
Protects the heat pump mechanism, extending its useful life
Contains: 3 stop / stop valves + 2 hoses Ø38 cm x 1.5 m + 6 nipples (reduction pieces) Ø38 – 1.5 m to glue + 4 clamps
Quick and easy installation

Pool Cover Pool Heaters and Accessories Solar Blanket Roll Up Blanket Waterproof Sun Protection Blanket for Pool Cover Protection by SinceY

It can be cut to the desired length with scissors to fit the length of your pool.
The product protects your sun cover from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Secure the cover by pasting the label. It’s easy to use. The solar cover is provided with protection, which prolongs its useful life.
It is waterproof. Made of sturdy plastic that can withstand the elements.
Quality Assurance: If you have any questions about our products, please contact us through the buyers information from the first time. We will give you a satisfactory solution in 24 hours.

Bestway 58259-17 – Electric water heater by Bestway

Connections through 32 mm diameter tubes
Power 2800 W
Dimensions: 48 x 24.5 cm
The product heats from 0.5-1.50 an hour

Well2wellness Swimming Pool Solar Heating Solar Swimming Pool Heating ‘Exclusive’ (023921) by [Pool] + Sauna BRÄUNIG GmbH
High-quality solar heating for pool heating – extend your bathing season!
Easy Installation for Boat!
Dimensions: Approx. 110X 69X 14 cm (LX to XH)
Adjustable Feet
Incl. Connection and Connection Parts

DC24V 18W hot water pump, water booster pump for low noise solar water heater hot circulation system
This DC 24V hot water circulation pump is mainly used for solar water heaters.
This pump is made of high quality engineering plastic, this pump is strong and durable.
The pump can keep the hot water temperature up to 100 degrees Celsius.
Both input and output wires are 1 / 2BSP standard, which will accommodate many connections.
Convenient to install and easy to use, there is an arrow on the top that shows the direction of flow.

OCU’s Top Products List for Solar Pool Heaters is a boon for anyone who wants to buy the best products in this category. It is important that you consider the test winners during your purchase process and in your research on the product. Our advice: check out several of the best products on the list and compare them . In addition, we recommend that you read customer reviews and ratings to determine which product is the best for you.

Buying Guide: Buying Tips and Recommendations for Solar Pool Heaters
We have written a small list of tips ( buying guide ) for anyone interested in buying Solar Pool Heaters. This list of tips contains the most important criteria in the form of a checklist that are worth considering when choosing and purchasing a product. If you stick to this list made by our experts, we are sure that you will find the best product in the category of Solar Pool Heaters.

Manufacturer: Are there renowned manufacturers or well-known brands for Solar Pool Heaters?
Test reports: Are there substantiated and informative test reports on the subject?
Customer Ratings and Reviews: Are reviews available from people who have bought and tried the product?
Product measurements: What measurements are necessary and what sizes are there?
Consumer and User Organization: What current test results has the consumer organization published about Solar Pool Heaters?
Test Results: Which models were the test winners for the Solar Pool Heaters product group?
Price: What is your budget for Solar Pool Heaters?
Comparison: At this point, we recommend doing an extensive price comparison to find the best one.
The most important item on the checklist above is the OCU test results . Solar Pool Heaters consumer organization test winners and reports can be very helpful in finding the best product. Our recommendation: to evaluate the products it is useful to buy several products at once, so that you can compare them with each other. This way, you can run your own comparison tests at home and determine your own winners.

Additional sources and information (OCU etc.)
In addition to the information summarized on our page, we also recommend that you consult the OCU website directly and look for the test reports for Solar Pool Heaters. Here is a list of the web pages with the best information and articles on the subject and the products.

Additional information at
Additional information at

Why should you consult the sources mentioned on the topic of Solar Pool Heaters? There are several reasons: as an independent consumer organization, OCU evaluates a large number of products under laboratory conditions under objective test criteria. Consequently, the test results are quite strong , so it is advisable to take a look at the winners and the best products.

On the other hand, you can also find useful information in the question and answer forums (eg Various customer reviews and recommendations are already available for the product group Solar Pool Heaters . Since this is the opinion of real buyers with practical experience with the product, this is very valuable information.


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