Best Side Sleeping Pillow

If you are wondering which is the best pillow to sleep on your side , or on your back or in any position, in the following video you can take a look at our best selection of pillows . There is one for each type of sleeper.

Each person adopts different postures when sleeping . There are those who sleep on their backs, facedown, sideways, stretched, shrunk … For each type of sleeper, there are perfect mattress options and the same goes for pillows. Nowadays there are an infinity of models designed for each type of user.

Sometimes we forget the importance of this part of the rest team. And it is that in addition to being fundamental for the correct support of the head and neck, a good pillow will help us maintain the perfect alignment of the spine at night.

Neck and back pain are something very common that affects almost everyone at some point. The use of a suitable pillow can help mitigate and even prevent pain. By spending around a third of our days lying on it, hitting and choosing the best pillow to sleep on your side, becomes crucial, for people who sleep this way. Below we show you which are our favorites. But before we are going to give you some guidelines, so you can decide which is the best pillow for you, wherever you are.

The importance of the pillow

The pillow is intended to maintain alignment of the spine while resting. It consists of a block of material whose mission is to fill the gap created by lying on the mattress, on the perimeter between the shoulder and the top of the head with respect to the resting surface. In this way, when resting on the pillow, the entire musculature relaxes, as long as it does not generate inadequate tension. The chosen pillow must keep the neck and head in a natural position, like the one we have when standing. If you don’t really know where to start looking, our article on how to choose a pillow can help you. And if you want to know the characteristics that your pillow to sleep on your side must meet, in the following video we give you the keys:

As we have seen in the video, keep in mind that a pillow that is too high to sleep on your side will increase muscle tension in the back of the neck and shoulders. If, on the other hand, the pillow is too low, those tensions will also appear, which will translate into pain the next day. In general, the firmness of our side of the bed, as well as what we sink into it, must be taken into account. Thus, we can determine the exact pillow height. The objective that our pillow must always fulfill is to maintain the correct alignment of the back and neck.

One of the most common and most recommended sleeping positions is on the side. And whether in the fetal position or more or less stretched, the head will need to have adequate support to maintain alignment with the spine. There are certain guidelines that we can follow to be sure of choosing the most suitable pillow:

Measure the width of your shoulder:

That is, from the base of the neck to where the shoulder ends. That distance should be equal to the height of the pillow you need. This way we will be making sure that the head maintains a horizontal position.

Look at the distance from the ears to the shoulders. If the pillow is correct, the distance between the ears and shoulders should be the same on each side.

That said, we can conclude that the best side sleeping pillow has to be high and firm. Thus, in addition to maintaining the correct alignment, we will prevent the head from sinking into the pillow, causing poor support.

As for the materials, to sleep on your side as we have already said, you need a firm pillow. So a memory foam or latex pillow would be most suitable. With both materials we ensure excellent adaptability and softness while maintaining the correct posture.

Here are 6 best side sleeping pillows.

  • High Firm Viscoelastic Cervical Pillow, Ingravity Yin-in
  • Yin-in side sleeping cervical pillow
  • Visco-Latex and Medium Firm Cervical Pillow, Ingravity Yang-out
  • Visco-latex cervical pillow for side sleeping
  • Ingravity Firm-in Memory Foam Pillow, High Firmness
  • Ingravity Firm-in Side Sleeping Pillow
  • Ingravity 4 in 1 pillow

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