Best Science Gifts For Kids

The great thing about children is that they are all huge nerds. The toys on this list will help kids teach themselves about electronics, biology, engineering, geometry and more.

Star Master Star Projector

A small Star Projector with which we will enjoy a relaxing and enveloping night starry sky on the ceiling and on the walls of our room.

(Wind Kinetic Sculpture)

An accomplished miniature version of the “Strandbeests”, which is, a kinetic sculpture capable of moving only with the impulse of the wind.

Bigshot DIY Camera Kit

Remember constructing your own pinhole camera to learn how photography works? Now kids can build a hand-crank digital camera to learn about electronics, optics, mechanics, and more. There’s even a mode that takes 3-D photos (glasses included.

Appscope Quick Attach Microscope for Phones and Tablets

This little microscope snaps over the camera of a smartphone or tablet (it claims to work with iOS and most Android devices), allowing kids to take their own photos and video of the microscopic world. When used with digital zoom, the microscope offers 30x magnification.

Lego Mindstorms EV3

The newest generation of the classic robot-building toy is the first to include a Bluetooth radio that lets builders control their robots via an app, and a new sensor suite enables creations to navigate and react autonomously. EV3 also comes with faster motors, a faster processor, and more sensitive sensors. $350, Lego Ages 10+

Zometool Hyperdo Science Kit

Using the edges and joints in Zometool’s kits, kids learn about geometry by creating incredibly complex shapes. This set includes the pieces needed to build a 3-D model of an adenovirus.

Snap Circuits Sound

This kit is a fun introduction to circuits and the principles of sound. Kids swap in parts to create an optical theremin, echo effects, voice changer, and more. 


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