3 Best Portable Dust Busters Gift For your Wife

There are many people who has busy lifestyle and they don’t have much time to clean their homes, offices, cars or after peting. So when they needs to make cleaning and to rid away dirts, bacterias and viruses they have to use a powerful handheld vacuum cleaner for a perfect result.

So, if you are planning to buy a simple powerful and lightweight handheld dust cleaner for your wife there is another important thing that you take into cost calculation and following factors when buying a proper portable vacuum cleaner.

Which portable vacuum cleaner to buy?

The best handheld vacuum cleaner you can buy is the one that best suits your cleaning needs and your budget.

You may be thinking of buying a simple mini handheld vacuum cleaner or, on the contrary, a powerful handheld vacuum cleaner but in any case, it is important that you take into account the following factors when choosing your portable vacuum cleaner.

Handheld Vacuum Weight

Normally, handheld vacuum cleaners are light but if you are going to be using it for a long time, we recommend that you choose one of the lightest ones so that it is more comfortable to use.

You can find some models of handheld vacuum cleaners weighing less than 650 grams.

Autonomy of the portable vacuum cleaner

Normally, a car vacuum cleaner has a few minutes of autonomy although they are usually enough to clean it completely.

However, if what you want is a handheld vacuum cleaner that also serves to clean many other spaces, we recommend that you take a good look at the autonomy that the one you choose has because there are some that can be vacuuming for up to 30 minutes without having than recharge them.

Vacuum cleaner power for car

Finding a powerful cordless handheld vacuum is not easy, but there are.

Typically, a corded vacuum cleaner maintains maximum suction power better than one that only runs on a battery.

It is very important that you look at the power of the ash vacuum cleaner that you are going to buy, especially if you have pets in your car.

Pets leave many hairs that are difficult to suck with an underpowered handheld vacuum.

However, with a powerful handheld vacuum cleaner, you avoid having to insist on the same place several times to leave it completely clean.

Hand vacuum cleaner accessories

It is important that you look at the accessories that the manual vacuum cleaner you choose has because they can be very useful.

You can find handheld vacuum cleaners with very practical accessories such as:

  • A flat nozzle to access tight spots like window rails.
  • A brush nozzle to clean carpets and pet hair.
  • A rubber mouthpiece for vacuuming liquids.

How does a dust cleaner work?

A handheld vacuum cleaner usually works with a rechargeable battery, a reservoir to collect dirt and a fan to suck. A car vacuum cleaner sucks in the dirt-laden outside air just by removing the inside air from the vacuum cleaner using a fan.

When the indoor air is expelled through an outlet on the cordless handheld vacuum, a vacuum is created inside the vacuum that causes outside air to enter through the nozzle to take its place.

The faster the fan is able to extract the interior air from the car vacuum cleaner, the faster the dirt-laden exterior air enters. Also, the smaller the nozzle through which outside air enters the car handheld vacuum cleaner, the stronger the suction that is produced.

The dirt-laden outside air enters the powerful handheld vacuum, passes through a filter that traps the muck and allows the now-clean air to continue to be vented outside by the fan. Operating a powerful cordless handheld vacuum is very convenient because it is small and light.

BLACK+DECKER Dust Buster Handheld Vacuum, Cordless, 16V (CHV1410L)

  • Lithium Ion for long battery life and outstanding performance; Always ready holds a charge for upto 18 months
  • Long life, Lightweight, and no memory effect.Suction Power 15.2 AW; Dustbowl Capacity: 20.6 ounces
  • Smart Charge Technology uses upto 50 percent less energy,air Watts: 15.2 Watts, Voltage: 16V MAX
  • Cyclonic action helps to keep the filter clean and power strong, translucent bagless dirt bowl easy to see dirt and empty
  • Rotating slim nozzle for a variety of applications, removable, washable bowl and filters for thorough cleaning
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty. Note: Charging instructions can be seen in Page 4 to 5 and Direction for cleaning filters and canisters can be seen in Page 5 to 7 on Installation Manual available under technical specification

Hikeren Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

  • With 12V Lithium, 100w motor and radial cyclone Hikeren hand-held vacuum provides a stable 5000PA strong cyclonic suction, good for daily quick pick ups. The best gift choice for your relatives and friends.
  • Unlike other rechargeable vacuums, Hikeren rechargeable vacuum can perform up to 30mins with its higher capacity and quick charge tech(3-4h), which is really rare in today‚Äôs market.
  • Cord-free, hassle-free! Hikeren cordless vacuum is lightweight and portable. Free your movement whenever and whereever, without bulky and tangled cords, help you escape from fatigue clean.
  • Hikeren rechargeable Vacuum has a removable and washable stainless steel filter, (20 times that of normal Hepa filter) enhance the powerful suction, ideal for thorough cleaning.
  • Hikeren handheld Vacuum HAS PASSED CE, FC and UL CERTIFICATION. If you have any questions about Hikeren products, we will do our best to win your satisfaction.

Shark WV201 WANDVAC Handheld Vacuum

  • Dust cup capacity 0.08 quarts; Unbelievable suction delivered by a high speed, brushless motor
  • Ultra lightweight and balanced hand vacuum at just 1.4 pounds for maneuverability and easy cleaning
  • Tapered nozzle for easy pickup of large debris and fine dust
  • Zero in on tight spaces and car cleaning with the duster crevice tool and use the multi surface tool for upholstery, carpets, and pet hair
  • Ion charging dock for quick access, fast charging and convenient accessory storage. Cleaning path width-3.6 inch


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