Best Gifts to Impress the Crafter and Makers to Spark Their Imagination

What Do Crafters Do?

A craft artist makes their items by hand using a variety of materials and techniques and can then sell what they made to the public. These artists design crafts, such as pottery, textiles, glassware, and other functional pieces. Their work is also generally affordable and accessible for the public to purchase.

What do you buy the person in your life who can make basically everything themselves? Crafters are famously, well, crafty—meaning they’re always keeping busy with DIY projects and probably have an “idea list” as long as their arm. But no matter how many artistic activities they may have on the go, there’s always room for more. That’s why we’ve curated a list of gift ideas that are sure to spark the imagination of your favorite creators.

From a DIY diorama to a bookbinding kit, there’s plenty of giftable projects that will suit all types of crafters and makers. For textile artists, we’ve included a variety of fun embroidery kits, a soap kit, and even a miniature weaving loom. For nature lovers, why not give a beautiful flower press so they can create their own botanical art? Or for those who love to give handmade gifts, check out the jewelry making kit, as well as the shrink plastic pin kit that allows you to turn your own illustrations into wearable accessories.

Help your creator friends keep all their good ideas in one place with this great ideas sketchbook. Beautiful, high-quality paper is bound inside this extra thick sketchbook. Quarantine fatigue is real and even your friend, who is always positively minded, might feel it. While it’s completely normal to feel bad, these gifts are cute little touches to remind your friend to enjoy the little things that currently bring her joy. To add some sentimentality, choose quotes about friendship from movies and books that you and your friend love. Some scrapbooks are made for a particular purpose. A best friends scrapbook can be sold with pages for things like holidays, birthdays, etc.

Know someone who loves to make things?
Check out our list of craft gift ideas


Paint by Number Kit


Craft Gifts

Artist Board Mini

Let them enjoy a moment of zen in their day with this clever magic painting board. Just dip a brush in water and paint away. And the best part? No clean-up necessary! 

Arts & Crafts Library

They’ll have no excuse for not getting a crafting session on the calendar if they own this kit, which includes more than 1,000 must-have items.

3D Wooden Assembly Puzzle Wood Craft Kit

Perfect for puzzle fans, this 3D wood gramophone kit can easily double as decor.

Pacon® Yarn Tote

This bold tote is designed to hold eight yarn skeins, so your crafter always has a supply on hand wherever they go.


Rope Making Kit

Singer Sewing Basket

This stylish basket contains all the essentials to finish their next sewing project, from scissors and thread to measuring tape and a thimble.

Yarn Tree Kit

The perfect union of nature and creativity, this kit will let you dress up a wire tree with colorful yarn.

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