Best 25 Places to Visit in The U.S.A.

After two long trips through the United States, we have seen tons of incredible places that will remain forever in our memories. Although if we have learned anything, it is that it is a country in which, beyond its controversial political and social systems, it would take a lifetime to visit all its wonderful corners. But in order not to get overwhelmed, let’s start with what are, for us, the 25 best places to visit in the United States . Obviously we leave out other very interesting ones, sorry, but we have this post where we tell you 100 things to do in the US … Hopefully we can know all of them!

Although before we start we have to confess something: the United States never particularly caught our attention, in fact, the truth is that we did not have much interest in visiting it. Until, as always happens in these cases, we found a very cheap flight and decided to cross the Ocean to give it a try.

  1. First things first, if you only had a few days to visit the United States we have no doubts: New York is the most interesting city in the world! When you see it for the first time it will seem that you already know it (think only of how many times you saw it on the big screen), but believe us, it will surprise you!

2. Traveling Route 66 was a dream that we were able to fulfill for 11 days, and doing it in a huge motorhome made the trip even more epic. The Mother Road presents itself, and is one of the experiences that many travelers have marked in red. That if, if you are not made to the road life and quiet roadtrips, maybe you know little. Here you can find all our articles about Route 66.

3. If New York is the soul of the United States, the heart that moves the country is its capital: Washington DC . If you are traveling along the East Coast of the United States , this is a must-see stop (and even from New York ), and not just to see the White House or the Capitol. Washington has some of the most interesting museums in the country (and free) and a neighborhood (Georgetown) that is an absolute delight. Here we tell you what to do in Washington DC in two days.

  1. But the ideal is to start the tour of this area of ​​the United States in Boston . The reason? You can find very cheap flights there, and it is not a place of passage at all. With a long history and with its fascinating mix of neighborhoods (such as Chinatown and North End or the Italian Quarter), Boston is a city that we knew how to conquer from the first moment. Take a look at everything you can see and do in Boston.
  1. We take a jump from wet and cold Boston to one of the hottest places on the planet: Death Valley . It was one of the stops on our roadtrip along the west coast of the United States , and possibly the one that surprised you the most. Yes, it is deadly hot (and even more so if you hit a heat wave in which we reach 55 degrees), however this national park offers landscapes almost alien to our planet, with desert, dunes, salt flats, mountains of colors, basins of salt and very suggestive corners. Of course, bring a lot of water with you! So we made the visit to Death Valley .

6. Let’s lower the temperature a bit and travel, even mentally, to Alaska . It is a destiny that for the moment has resisted us, but believe us if we tell you that it would be the place where we would like to fall if we could teleport. And why go to these distant and wild lands? The plan of going out in search of bears (even at a distance), or of whales, of tranquility and emotions, of lost villages and a little house in the forest with a fireplace and dogs to do housesitting … it doesn’t sound bad, doesn’t it ?

7. Another of our great travel dreams is Hawaii.

8. As we anticipate, the United States is a territory full of natural corners of overwhelming beauty. And the best example (and the best known) is undoubtedly the Grand Canyon . No matter how much you have seen it in photos or movies, it is impossible not to shudder at this enormous crack that the Colorado River has been excavating over the centuries. In addition, as in the rest of the national parks, the visit is much easier with viewpoints, trails, buses and a well-prepared information point. We tell you how to plan your visit to the Grand Canyon.

9. Although, if we talk about places that leave you looking silly for a long time, Horseshoe Bend is not far behind. In fact, Rober even puts it ahead of the Grand Canyon. This horseshoe-shaped bend in the Colorado River is much bigger (and higher) than you might imagine! A stop you can not miss if you travel to the C osta Western United States, and here we have our way.

10. Along with New York and San Francisco, Chicago is in the top 3 of our favorite cities in America. If you like architecture, this is your place. And the pizza, the parks, the art. Come on, everyone likes Chicago! This is our guide to Chicago .

  1. We were wondering whether or not to include Atlanta in our trip to the East Coast, and finally after spending a few days there we think it is a very interesting city to visit. At first glance it may seem like one of the hundreds of huge cities that grow like mushrooms throughout the country, but in Atlanta you can see things as different as the Coca Cola Museum, the Martin Luther King House or the headquarters of CNN. Here we tell you everything you have to do in Atlanta.
  2. The one we wanted to visit was New Orleans , because we knew it was one of those places that we were going to like before going hehe and it’s great! Tip: do not miss a trip to Oak Valley , a beautiful plantation (yes, with a not funny slave past).
  3. Although its traffic is crazy and its extension is so great that, more than a city, it seems like a small country, Los Angeles deserves a visit on your trip to the United States. Even if it’s just to watch the sunset from the Santa Monica Pier, to stroll along the canals of Venice Beach, or to have a blast at Universal Studios, or gossip about celebrity mansions in Beverly Hills (hey, not so bad in the end!) . These are the best things to do in Los Angeles .
  4. One of the parks on the West Coast that most conquered us was Bryce Canyon , in the surprising state of Utah. Seeing its peculiar rock formations (hoodoo) with the appearance of a fairy chimney (seriously, they are called that XD) has been a brutal step. Safety pin. Here we tell you how to visit .
  5. Wow, if we had to keep one, it would be Arches National Park . Here you will find huge stone arches that seem to have been sculpted by an artist, but in reality it was a whim of the many that nature has in American territory. Learn more about Arches National Park.

16. We have been to San Francisco a couple of times and hopefully there will be many more in the future! It was the start and end point of two epic road trips, one through the national parks of the west coast of the United States and the other through the state of Oregon. If any of these are in your plans, don’t forget to reserve at least 3 days to this city, which we assure you will hook! Do not miss Chinatown, its famous Golden Gate, a visit to Alcatraz and its parks. This is everything to see and do in San Francisco.

  1. I wanted to go to Seattle since I saw Grays Anatomy for the first time, and I fell in love with its skyline. After a few years I was finally able to fulfill the dream and his profile does not disappoint, with his Space Needle as the main protagonist. We loved their coffee vibe, lots of coffee shops everywhere (including the first Sturbucks) and alternative and underground. Although be careful, because apparently it is becoming the new Silicon Valley! Here we tell you the best things to do in Seattle .
  2. We don’t know (yet) Yellowstone , but this doesn’t stop us from putting it on the list of things to do in America. This geothermal park has almost 9,000 km2 where there are wonders such as waterfalls, geysers, geothermal sources, rivers … Not to mention the famous Great Prismatic Fountain, a source of thermal waters characterized by its bright colors (which are due to pigmented bacteria). Better to visit the park without making too much noise, lest the super volcano that sleeps under it wake up and send humanity to hell.
  3. If you like to know the history of the countries you visit, in the United States you should spend a few days in Philadelphia . Here occurred several of the most important chapters in the future of the history of the United States (such as the signing of Independence). If you are also a Rocky fan, you can walk the stairs of the City Museum of Art like him. Maybe with a little more effort. Here we tell you more about visiting Philadelphia.
  1. San Diego , with its beaches and its proximity to Mexico, is to know the southernmost California . The city may have disappointed us a little, but it may be because our expectations were VERY high. The best thing is that within walking distance (speaking in terms of American distances hehe) is Salvation Mountain , a place that instantly fell in love with us. This was our passage through San Diego .
  2. Ever since I followed Angie’s trip on Route 61 , I knew that sooner or later we will do it too. It is an incredible journey, which goes from Memphis , passes through Nashville and reaches New Orleans , 3 cities that are connected by love and passion for music. From rock and roll, to blues and jazz. A full-blown musical journey.
  3. The end point of our first two-month trip to the United States was Miami . We arrived with the battery low and it was terribly hot, so we really want to go back to enjoy it to the fullest. In this little piece of Latin America in the United States you can enjoy very varied restaurants, a very interesting nightlife, its infinite beaches, and why not, indulge yourself and take a little Caribbean cruise. More ideas of things to see and do in Miami .
  4. Another visit that we have pending is that of Savannah , one of the most charming cities in the south (it is in the state of Georgia). And hopefully we can do it in the spring, when Savannah puts on her best clothes.
  5. We did not go to the Great Teton National Park either, but just by seeing their photos we want to step on Wyoming and get lost with a stroller through those dreamy landscapes. It is clear … we have to organize a great trip to the north of the country.
  6. Where we did a road trip was in Texas , and we loved it. It is a state that, a priori, has all the ballots to make us want to get out of there, but look, we fell for the Texas charm. It has very interesting cities (like San Antonio and Austin), charming towns (Gruene, Fredericksburg …) and its barbecues, mother of beautiful love! We wouldn’t mind coming back with more time at our disposal. This was our roadtrip through Texas .

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