5 Minute Yum Yum Sauce Recipe

Today we will reveal a secret of Gourmet’s, is yum yum sauce.

You may know it by another name, like white sauce, pink sauce, seafood sauce, or even just vegetable sauce, but personally I prefer to call it yum yum sauce. Because that’s exactly what it is: a delicious combination of tomato, mayonnaise and spices that is simply delicious. I think the best question is what yum yum is not good at, but if you are looking for a solid list of ideas, I recommend any of the following:

– Grilled steak or other thick cuts of meat.

Grilled, baked or steamed vegetables, especially broccoli, corn, carrots and cauliflower. Soft chips.

If you’re the type that can make sushi at home, this sauce would be ideal for dipping or sprinkling. How long is homemade sauce yum yum good for? When stored in the refrigerator in a sealed container, the yum yum sauce should stay good for up to a week.

Due to the mayonnaise in this recipe, I can’t recommend freezing the sauce. The emulsion in the mayonnaise will likely break as it thaws, making the texture of the sauce questionable. For best results, try enjoying this yum yum sauce while it’s still fresh. The next part is just a photographic tutorial of the recipe steps. If you’re looking for complete recipe measurements and instructions, scroll down to Recipe Details.

Step 1: Add all of the following ingredients to: mayonnaise, tomato paste, melted butter, garlic powder, onion powder, smoked paprika, and sugar.

Step 2 – Using a, mix all ingredients very well.

Step 3 – Check the consistency of the sauce.

Depending on what you’re using it for, you can mix a little water to dilute it a little. This creamy yum yum sauce is a mimic of the pale sauce served at Japanese hibachi restaurants. Delicious with meat and vegetables!

Water up to 1-2 tablespoons. In a medium mix well the mayonnaise, tomato paste, melted butter, sugar, garlic powder, smoked paprika and onion powder. Check the consistency of the sauce. If necessary, mix 1 to 2 tablespoons of water to dilute it.


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