15 Gifts to Include on Your Wedding List

You are going to get married and you are clear that the best option to surprise your guests and at the same time facilitate the process when it comes to making a gift is to create a wedding list with Zankyou , practical, simple and with a multitude of options. But you do not know what gifts to include or what to use the money that your guests contribute. Do not worry, we propose 15 atypical gifts to include on your wedding list , they will love to make such a special gift.

Wedding List

Here our recommending gifts for yout Wedding List

  1. Honeymoon trip
    Of course, the gift of your guests can be destined for your honeymoon. It’s the best idea! Don’t skimp and enjoy a unique honeymoon organized in the best way by experts like B The Travel Brand. Paradisiacal beaches, hidden corners full of charm, cruises with a lot of magic…
  2. Dream tableware
    We know that you will have dishes in your home already prepared to enjoy many delicacies with your partner, but why not indulge yourself? Include in your wedding list a dream tableware that your guests will love to give you. It will be a detail that you always keep with great affection and that every time you use it you will remember that person who gave it to you. In addition, the decoration of your home can be part, what is a great idea?
  3. Future baby
    Surely the maternal instinct is already entering you or maybe you and your partner are already enjoying your children and you can share the happiness of the wedding day with them. Well, in any case, there is nothing better than allocating part of your wedding list as a gift for them. Decorate their room, buy clothes and toys… Your guests will love knowing that this gift is for them!
  4. Innovative gifts for the house
    You already have that sofa or that coffee maker that you loved, in fact you already have the whole house furnished and you do not want them to give you useless gifts, but rather innovative and modern, with which to keep up to date on home technology. To do this, nothing like choosing the Dyson V8 vacuum cleaner . It is a novel product for its digital motor , with the same power and double autonomy, which also stands out for not having that annoying cable that prevents cleaning well. According to James Dyson, chief engineer and founder of the company: “This motor allows the Dyson V8 cordless vacuums to be powerful and versatile, transforming the way people clean their homes.” In addition, it can become a handheld vacuum cleaner, without a tube, and also works for the floor and high areas. You have children? Don’t worry because it hardly makes any noise ! They feature longer battery life, a new hygienic bucket emptying system, and even more suction power . What are you waiting for to add one of them to your wedding list?
  1. Post-wedding report
    It is a photoshoot that is becoming very fashionable for married couples and that most photographers offer as a service. Maybe if the one you have chosen for your wedding does not offer it, you can write a post- wedding report as one of the gifts on your wedding list. It will be an unforgettable experience! Bamba & Lina , team of wedding photographers, offers you a pack that includes the wedding report, the video and the pre-wedding or post- wedding report. What are you waiting for?
  2. A jewel
    That pendant you dreamed of so much or those earrings that would combine so well with every dress in your closet. Include a jewel in your wedding list, it will be the most glamorous gift!
  3. A relaxing session
    Don’t forget to include a relaxing session with a spa and massage for two on your wedding list . After organizing the wedding you will need to relax, you will finally have left many nerves behind and you deserve to enjoy the best beauty treatments.
  4. A getaway
    A getaway to celebrate the first anniversary. After the first year of living together as a married couple, the best thing will be to be able to enjoy a weekend to celebrate your anniversary and what better way to plan it and ensure it than on the wedding list . Your guests will love participating by giving them a getaway that you will enjoy just one year later.
  5. Beauty treatment
    It is true that they are a whim but if you are looking for the moment to indulge yourself, this is it. If you’ve ever wanted to give yourself a beauty treatment, do it after the wedding and include it on your wedding list. Aurea Clinic , a Seville clinic specialized in plastic and aesthetic surgery, offers you the best treatments to make you feel divine. There is no better contribution from your guests than to make you feel better and if it is what you have always wanted, go ahead!
  6. A dinner for the first anniversary
    Do you want to celebrate a mini-wedding on your first anniversary? Alto del Cenador is the perfect place to celebrate an event with your family and closest friends, a dinner one year after your wedding to celebrate with them your first year of marriage, a mini-banquet that you can include in your list of wedding and take advantage of them months later.
  7. Getaway to remember
    Surely, a few months after the wedding, you want to take a trip that involves your second honeymoon, a getaway to remember those first days as husband and wife, but you don’t have time to organize it. Well, what better way to include this getaway organized by a travel agency like Viajes Excelencia on your wedding list . They will prepare for you a tailor-made trip at a low cost, they will advise you and listen to your ideas and wishes to make them come true.
  8. Unforgettable wedding night
    If you want to spend your wedding night in an exclusive place full of luxuries and comforts, don’t hesitate. Palladium Hotel Group and its three spaces are the right choice. Choose Agroturismo Sa Talaia , Grand Palladium Palace Ibiza Resort & Spa or Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza , you will love them! It will be one of the most special gifts!
  9. An unforgettable experience as a couple
    Not just any experience, but a delight for the senses in which you can enjoy the delicious pearls of premium mixed drinks with and without alcohol from Molecular Experience to the test of the most demanding palates. After an exquisite dinner, you will be delighted to have a drink in the most exclusive way. The pearl will explode on your palate filling you with flavor and creating an unforgettable experience!
  10. Home decoration
    It is true that you have the house furnished and you do not lack anything you need, but surely you have a little whim, a chill out area on the terrace, that painting that you cannot afford or that lamp that would look so good in your living room. It’s the moment!

    See our home decoration ideas.
  11. For everything in general and for nothing in particular
    That is the advantage that the Zankyou wedding list offers you , you can create a wedding list with these 15 options with just one, what you will receive will be the full money of each gift. You do not have to choose gifts if you do not want or do it if it is what you want, the best of all is that with that money you can do whatever you want!

Now that you know what gifts to include on your wedding list, do not hesitate to consult the 10 things that all brides have to give up to be happy or the 9 reasons why getting married is the best.


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